Tell ’em Why You Mad, Son!

This is my second year for gardening. Last year was really successful! The green beans were delicious, the tomatoes were poppin’, and I had tons of jalapeno to freeze. It was work, but rewarding work, so I’m back at it again this year.

But those strawberries…


A few weeks ago I noticed that the strawberry patch had quite a few flowers and little green berries budding. I got happy. Hey! More strawberries for me! Much more than the two that I ate last year.  I popped off a couple that were ripe and went on about my business.

Then the animals came.


Red berries, Half ripened berries, tiny green berries, many of them GONE.  So I got me a piece of chicken wire and I wrapped that fruit up tight.


Or so I thought. 

The next day even more berries were gone.  I don’t know if it’s the birds or the squirrels, or something else, but I’m mad now.  Those are MY berries. 

I reduced myself to eating a half-ripened berry this morning just to ensure that I got to it before the animals did.  Now, that’s desperation.  I’ve been back and forth several times with myself about on giving up on those berries.  Nu uh!  They can’t have ’em.  Not today!

I’m plotting to get 1/4 in plastic fencing and I’m going to wrap that fruit up so tight that even I will struggle to get to them.  Anything to keep away those berry stealing creatures.

Thank goodness we don’t have deer!




The Cure for Rough Hands

The Cure for Rough Hands

I treat my hands horribly. I wash them about fifty’leven times a day and forget to put on lotion. I wash dishes without gloves.  I remove polish from my nails and my hands get even more dry and cracked.  I forget to wear gloves out in the bitter cold.  I bite my nails when I’m nervous (slowly getting over that bad habit). I chip my nails and accidentally cut my fingers with knives.

I do them oh, so wrong!

Today I’m going to treat them nice with this sugar scrub: a lot of sugar, a little oil, a wee bit of coconut fragrance, a few more ingredients, and a vigorous scrubbing to slough away the rough skin.  Then I apply some lotion and dab on a little homemade cuticle oil to put the oils back.

Ahhh, nice!