Getting Back into the Crafting Groove

I feel like I haven’t been in the blog world in such a long time! I had a week without any crafting because I was living it up on my very first cruise!


Lots of eating, sleeping, relaxing, occasional drinking, games, and fun, fun, fun! Even still I missed my sewing machine just a bit. I had big plans to sew up a little dress for an upcoming wedding, but the time just got away from me. So, nothing finished to see here!


I did start my next knitting project on the ship, but only managed to complete half of what you see above. Those late afternoon naps got in the way of my knitting.  Winter is coming and I’m ready to get into the grove of making hats, scarves, and the first sweater for my husband.  Little does he know, he will be subject to being measured and fit on a regular basis. 

In other randomness…the world of fashion is abuzz with September issues, New York Fashion Week, and other fabulousness and here is what caught my eye in the latest Vogue:


Knitting in a Chanel ad? See, knitting is COOL and FASHIONABLE!

September Vogue also brought to my attention the Fall 2013 Christian Wijnants collection.  This is a must have:


Photo: Alessandro Viero / InDigital | GoRunway from
Photo: Alessandro Viero / InDigital | GoRunway from


It’s hard to see in a photo of this size, but the tension is varied on this knit dress.  And beginner knitters think varying tension is a mistake!

Also, there were so many great NYFW collections (DVF, Zac Posen) it just makes me want to pick up a pen and sketch out a few things and then I remember I cannot draw!  Anyway, as much as I had a great time getting away, its good to get back to the hobbies I love so much.


Getting Back into the Crafting Groove

A Sneak Peek: Yarn Love for a Summer Sweater


I am gearing up to make my annual spring/summer sweater!

Every year since I’ve started knitting (about 4 years ago?), I pick one simple, easy pattern for a top that I can finish fairly quickly to wear during the spring/summer months.    All other knitting projects are placed on hold during this time so that I may work diligently to finish.

The project usually contains mindless stockinette stitch, does not require seaming multiple pieces together (ick!), and is usually in a bright color that oozes summer.

Well, I got two out of three this year.  I decided to go for something a little darker and with more variegation in color since my LYS didn’t carry enough yarn available in my first and second and third choices.  I didn’t want any blue or pink and I was too deep in gotta-have-it-mode to wait for an order for my favs.

My eyes were instantly drawn to:


But I settled on:


The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light and it’s so soft and beautiful!  I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it and I want about 4 skeins in every color, please!

*thumbnails courtesy of


A Sneak Peek: Yarn Love for a Summer Sweater

Be Our Guest

I made something else for my mother’s Memorial Service. Again, the funeral home usually handles the small things, like memorial cards, guest book, programs, etc.

Mom was cremated, so no funeral home.

In addition to her Trading Cards, I made a Guest “Sheet”.  It’s not a book, because, who really fills up one of those things?  Also, what the hell do you do with the book (that most places charge a minimum of $50! for) after the service?  You *might* use it to write thank you cards, but then what?

So, I made mine as single sheet of 12 x 12 art.  LOL  I did it so I could include it in a scrapbook (yes, I scrapbook just about everything…when I actually sit down and DO IT).

I used the same materials as the Trading Cards.  Added the flower and the “mom” sticker, leftover from the Mother’s Day Card I’d made.  I haven’t decided if I will continue to embellish it, afterward or not.  I have my cricut, but no cartridges, so am limited to stickers and such for embellishing.

I know she would have loved it.


Be Our Guest

WIP: Burda Magazine 7/2010, Styles 109A, 111B

They say if you were old enough to wear a style the first time,  you probably should steer clear of it the next time it comes around.    I’m just going to ignore that little “rule”, go out on a limb, and do my own thing.   

Here are the technical drawings of the items I plan to work next.  


Now, I just might be out that lonely little 1990’s reminicient limb all by myself, but that’s perfectly fine.   I just hope I still find them as cute when it’s time to put them on.   As for the top, I think I might have picked one of the most impossible shapes on which to do a FBA (full bust adjustment).  Wish me luck!


WIP: Burda Magazine 7/2010, Styles 109A, 111B

Celtic Summer

Just wanted to post some progress on one of my [many] projects.

Celtic Summer is one that I pick up occasionally, but have been too busy to actually sit and do any real work on it.  Well, earlier this week, I received the beads for it and decided to try to bead along with the actual stitching.  Have been a stitching fool ever since!

What do you think? 🙂


Celtic Summer

Staghorn Cable for Pebble Hoodie

Happy Crafty New Year! 

Hopefully this year will bring much more craftiness my way with a bit of finishing up of some old projects that are still hanging around.  This week  I worked on Dragonwillow’s Pebble Hoodie that I have ignored.

All of the pieces have been finished except for the Pocket which gave me a bit of trouble, so you know I’ve ripped out over and over and over to see if I could perfect it.  No such luck!

Trouble Area outlined in Red

The problem is that anytime I switch from knit to purl, I get loose stitches.  This happens with the areas before cables, with rib stitch, basketweave stitch, basically anything that involves an alternation between knit and purl.  I did do a bit of searching and found  a couple of solutions that didn’t work for me.

1.  On the first purl wrap the yarn counter-clockwise around the needle.  On the reverse side, knit the stitch through the back loop.

Well, you see the results above: It’s still wonky!  

2.  Knit to the column where the problem occurs, (in this case its the first purl column) undo stitches to bottom of work and latch up.

That result was even worse than the first!   I am hoping for some knitters to pass by this space and offer another solution.  Help, please!

– Nizzy

Staghorn Cable for Pebble Hoodie

DW – I got my crafty on!

Woo Hoo!!  I did something crafty this weekend!  Sadly, it wasn’t in my craft room (which was to be the plan) because it took on water during our DELUGE this past week…and oh, look!  More rain this week!  YAY!  NOT


Anyway, I went to the RenFaire with my friend, M, and my son, Widget.  Not crafty you say?  Oh ho!  But I wore a corset I made with my very own hands!  HA!  Granted, I made it about 4 years ago, but I did have to re-assemble it to wear it to the faire, so I say it counts!

You don’t agree?  FINE!

I went scrapbooking on Sunday, so there! :-p

I worked on some more calendar pages for the Widget’s school book.  Ran out of small number stickers, so I stopped at December.  however, I had two page kits that I had bought at the CKC in July, so I worked on those.

I only semi-finished one (Easter) at K’s, I need to go out and get some glue dots to finish, maybe today after work…  The second one, Halloween, I semi-finished at home while watching “A Time To Kill” (on TV) with the Widget (I need small glue dots for this one as well).

So, see!  I CAN get my crafty on!  And I’ll even post pictures (later) to prove it!

Now, cross your fingers there will be no new damage to my craft room and that I can get the old damage cleaned and sanitized!  (the smell is enough to knock you out, man!)

Oh and I will have to update the pictures on Celtic Summer.  I’ve got quite a bit more done since my last update. 🙂

DW – I got my crafty on!