Sewing with a Plan: Pattern Selection

For some time I’ve been kind of disappointed with my wardrobe.  I feel like most of the things I own fall into one or more of the categories: too old, doesn’t fit, don’t like it anymore, too blah.  I want some change, but sometimes shopping is a nightmare and I also can’t seem make clothes fast enough for my satisfaction.  So instead of incessantly whining about it, I’m going to take my time to purchase what I need, sew the rest, and just make it all work over time starting with one of my crafty goals.

At the start of the year I came up with a reasonably short list of few crafty things I definitely wanted to finally attempt in 2013.  One such goal is to participate in a SWAP.   Not the kind of swap where you get a few people together to trade yarn, clothes, patterns, or other things, but SWAP as in Sewing With a Plan.  If you don’t know about it already, here is a link to the  Original SWAP Article.  Basically, it originally began as a contest where you create a starter wardrobe of 11 different coordinating pieces using fabrics of two colors and one print.  I’m going to make it a little easier for myself and pick a pattern that has a bit of everything already in the package.

Choice 1: Vogue 8866

Vogue 8866
Image source:

It’s all about that jacket peplum!  I love it, but I can totally see it giving me a headache.  The rest of the pieces are pretty basic and look easy to sew together.

Image source

Choice 2: Vogue 2975

Image source: Pattern Review Website

With this one there will be a little bit of fussing with the pleats, but at least I will only have to do it once to account for the top and the dress.  I’ve never made a suit jacket before so either way it will be a new experience.

Image Source: Pattern Review Website

I can’t decide which one I want to start with!   Suits aren’t required for work, but that makes me no nevermind.  Ideally for option 1 I would like to have everything sewn by the fall so that I can go into the season with something new, but I have to fit it in with the other sewing projects I  have already planned/on the wish list. With option 2 I could enjoy some of the pieces throughout the spring and summer as I sew.  Decisions, decisions!


Sewing with a Plan: Pattern Selection

The Slowest Sewist

Say that five times fast!

Soooooo….I’m finally (well, almost) done with my first pair of dress pants! I feel like they took me forever to put together.  At the time of starting this post I had to sew on buttons, hem the pants, serge the inside, and reposition the hooks and eyes. I thought it was a lot, but I was able to finish it all on Tuesday after work.


General fitting was a real issue.  I can’t stand a pair of ill-fitting pants so that made me try my best get them to fit as great as possible, but I still ended up with a pair of ill-fitting pants.  Crotch woes and all, I’m wearing them today.

I decreased the waistband after pattern fitting, after fitting the muslin, and again after I tried on the pants and after all that, it’s still a little too large.  I think I added too much crotch depth and room in the rear. To top it off, as I am wearing them it seems the pants are getting stretched out. Or am I gradually shrinking? Who knows. I’m also having issues with the rear pocket lining pulling up through the pocket hole.

Other things I changed:
I straightened out some of the flare on the leg below the knee. The waistband lining was also not put in according to the pattern instructions cause I goofed somewhere.

Overall, they’ll work for work, but I still have to go back to the drawing board for refitting before the next wearing. I’m not gonna let these pants be the boss of me!


The Slowest Sewist