Brussel Sprouts…Yum!

I (Nizzy) made the most delicious dish of Brussel sprouts last night.  As a child, I didn’t care much for the veggie, but over the years my tastes have certainly changed…and for the better!  I’m more open to trying new things and retrying things I didn’t like as a kid.

This is what you need: 

1 garlic clove, sliced

olive oil

1 strip of turkey bacon, diced

Brussel sprouts, quartered

Apple cider vinegar

Sauté  the sliced garlic and bacon in the olive oil.  Add in the Brussel sprouts and continue to sauté until they are done to your liking.  Remove from pan and toss with just a bit of apple cider vinegar.

I’ve never liked brussel sprouts so much!  The smokiness from the bacon really made this dish.  I’ll try to add a picture before they are all gone.

Brussel Sprouts…Yum!