Back From a Little Blogcation!

Hello! Are you still out there?

Seems I took a little hiatus from the blog world! I’ve had mini creative moments here there, but mostly I spent this time wondering what happened to my creative mojo!

Right now, I’m motivated to continue working on my personal beauty products: soaps, lotions, butters, washes, scrubs, etc. I am having a lot of fun coming up with my own creations and/or modifying others. I used to buy large amounts of these products off the shelf, but I wanted to exercise a little more control over what goes into my products. And frankly, I just love the way natural soaps feel on my skin much better than some of the name brands.

Last month, I mixed up simple batch of Tea Tree Oil Soap. I’m so ready to make a few more batches of soap before the weather changes.

Tea Tree oil has great medicinal properties, but smells so…medicinal. This soap however, doesn’t have a super strong scent. I can’t wait to use it!


Back From a Little Blogcation!