Nailed It! (Not Really)


Last year I was excited about making something comfy, cute, and warm to wear on my feet in the office.  This is not what I envisioned.

THESE THINGS ARE HUGE!  And so laughably bad!   I should have known something was wrong when I had to wash these things about about 4 times just to get them to really felt.  Was I paying attention to the yarn gauge when I made the substitution? 

It turns out I wasn’t.   I said: “Hey! I have some feltable yarn in the stash!  I’ll just use that.” And I ran with it.  What a beginner mistake!  *slaps forehead*  And that’s how I ended up with my feet looking like they are being swallowed by a pile of felted fabric.

I will give them credit for keeping my feet warm and my socks from getting dirty, but I have plans to try these again.  And with the right sized needles and yarn this time.


Nailed It! (Not Really)