I (DragonWillow) went scrapbooking this weekend!  Woo Hoo!  I am SO on a crafting roll!

While I was there for 13 hours (I helped to set up), I only got 7-8 pages done.  That sounds like SUCH a waste of time, but I got very detailed in what I was doing and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so it wasn’t a waste to me!

You can see my creations here…

I still need to finish May and June for this calendar group (it’s for my son’s 5th grade scrapbook).  Then, of course, I need to actually scrapbook the events of that year (as well as K-4…I know, I’m slow.  It’ll get done, I promise!)

Oh, and for a little crafty shout out, here is a link to one of my son’s school projects, a Candy Cell.  He got an A!  I’m so proud!!



DW – I got my crafty on!

Woo Hoo!!  I did something crafty this weekend!  Sadly, it wasn’t in my craft room (which was to be the plan) because it took on water during our DELUGE this past week…and oh, look!  More rain this week!  YAY!  NOT


Anyway, I went to the RenFaire with my friend, M, and my son, Widget.  Not crafty you say?  Oh ho!  But I wore a corset I made with my very own hands!  HA!  Granted, I made it about 4 years ago, but I did have to re-assemble it to wear it to the faire, so I say it counts!

You don’t agree?  FINE!

I went scrapbooking on Sunday, so there! :-p

I worked on some more calendar pages for the Widget’s school book.  Ran out of small number stickers, so I stopped at December.  however, I had two page kits that I had bought at the CKC in July, so I worked on those.

I only semi-finished one (Easter) at K’s, I need to go out and get some glue dots to finish, maybe today after work…  The second one, Halloween, I semi-finished at home while watching “A Time To Kill” (on TV) with the Widget (I need small glue dots for this one as well).

So, see!  I CAN get my crafty on!  And I’ll even post pictures (later) to prove it!

Now, cross your fingers there will be no new damage to my craft room and that I can get the old damage cleaned and sanitized!  (the smell is enough to knock you out, man!)

Oh and I will have to update the pictures on Celtic Summer.  I’ve got quite a bit more done since my last update. 🙂

DW – I got my crafty on!

Flag Ceremony Layout

Scrapbooking is incredibly difficult for me!  I have the mojo to craft, but I just don’t have enough ideas to come up with the layouts.  DragonWillow and I spent more time agonizing over what to put on our pages than actually putting the pages together.  Ahh, but now I can sing a little song and do a little dance because I have a completed layout which earns me my Flag Etiquette Badge. 

Its associated layout:   D. and I  love to play Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).  Here we are playing on an old dance pad.

Flag Ceremony Layout

It’s a start!

BAM!!! Nizzy totally earned her Orienteering Merit Badge today at CK Summer Camp 2010.  

I was so ready to give up on Scrapbooking, but after looking at some of the layouts and ideas, I thought, I CAN DO THIS!  I was a little overwhelmed at first, navigating the site, but it  turned out to not be that bad at all.   There are actually  several cool ideas that I would like to try!  Bring it on, baby!

It’s a start!

Welcome to Camp!

DragonWillow here!

I just finished earning my Orienteering Merit Badge at CK Summer Camp 2010. 🙂  Isn’t it perdy?

I still have to earn my Flag Etiquette Merit Badge.  I need to do a layout using flags.  While trying to come up with an idea for the flags, I decided that I’m going to open Camp Gimpy for my son, Gimpy.  (don’t flip, he had surgery and is recovering, and thinks the nickname “Gimpy” is hilarious).  Now, sadly, as I’m still getting my mojo back, that pretty much tapped my creative resources for the day.  That means, I need YOUR help.  What kinds of fun activities can we do?

Keep in mind, I work outside of the home (BOO!) and he’s home with a babysitter most of the time.  We can do some camp-type stuff in the evenings when I get home.  I have temporary tattoos, so we could do that one day.  Tons of movies (Movie Monday?); games; maybe even create our own recipe for dinner; that kind of thing.  He’s not a real arts and crafts kind of kid (*sob*) but I can get him to do some things…maybe Nizzy will teach us how to make those braided key chains?  (*wink* *wink*).   As I never went to camp, I don’t know what kinds of things to do.  Please, please, please comment with some ideas!!!!

I want him to have a fun summer and also to give me new things to scrapbook.  Sadly, he’s 11 and I’m still working on his baby book.  See, told you my mojo was missing for a while.  However, I have made jewelry, cross-stitching, crocheting and sewing, so I DO have some projects to share.  I will have to make a point of uploading  pictures.

Anyway, thanks for joining us here at Creatively Motivated.  I hope you enjoy our creative processes as much as we do!!!

Stay tuned for more crafty updates!

Welcome to Camp!