Ribbon in the Sky and Everywhere Else

I had to do SOMETHING about this.


I purchased this I.KEA cabinet (luv it!) so that I could store all my embellishments that I use for scrapbooking, a hobby I don’t indulge in at all anymore.  It houses cross-stitch supplies, office crap, sewing notions, stamps, ribbon, zippers, you name it!

Well, every time I opened the ribbon/zipper drawer I had to deal with THIS:


Tons of little bags of ribbon popping out all over the place when all I want is a zipper, man!

With some old business cards of very sturdy card stock, I did a little “organizing” to make it neater and easier to get to the zippers (that you still can’t see).  It’s not perfect, but it solves the problem.


Back to sewing!


Ribbon in the Sky and Everywhere Else