NO-velty Yarn


I do it to myself all the time.  I see fuzzy yarn, sometimes in the bargain bin, and I say “Oh, that looks so cozy and warm!”  I buy 2-3 skeins and throw it in the stash pile.  I revisit the stash at a later date and this time think “What the heck am I going to make with this stuff!?”.  I always fall in love with some of those novelty yarns because of their fuzz factor, softness, and/or color, but then end up holding on to it forever because I can’t think of a suitable project for any of these yarns.  I need to learn how to just say NO!   So, I’m determined to get them out of my stash and not just by gifting them away.  Challenge Accepted!

Meet Beaded Bouclé.  I picked up two skeins of this at Joann Fabrics as one of their exclusives.  Bouclé is a very annoying knit to begin with so add some beads and that makes it all the more troublesome.  At least its texture can hide mistakes because ripping back to fix is next to impossible.  Instead of a basic rectangular scarf, I went with a simple collar shape.   The finished project is so comfy I think I wore it all day for three days straight.


This pattern is adapted from Sally Melville’s Wear-As-A-Collar-Scarf found in Scarf Style.  I’ve omitted all the other yarn cast ons, changed a few rows, and type of yarn used.  I used two skeins of a discontinued Bouclé from Joann Fabrics (NOT the Rainbow Bouclé).  Unfortunately, I cannot find the yarn information for it, but if I can find it I will update this post.

Cast on (CO) 36 stitches.

Row 1: Loop CO 2 stitches, knit to end of row – 38 stitches.  Turn work.

Repeat Row 1 thirty-five (35) more times – 108 stitches.

Row 36: Loop CO 3 stitches, knit to end of row – 111 stitches.  Turn work.

Repeat row 36 until piece measures 9″ from CO edge.  Bind off.


NO-velty Yarn