Make New, Again

During my Christmas holiday break, a friend gifted me a pair of earrings gifted to her. It didn’t quite count as a re-gift as she just handed them to me. They weren’t really her thing; she doesn’t do dangles, or purple, or green. I thought there were kind of cute, kind of funky, kind of odd, kind of wild, kind of not really my thing either, but I would still wear them. Better yet, I could make something better with these items!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the before, but I turned it into a necklace.  I could have kept it, but I gave it back. Hopefully, it’s more her thing now.


An idea is born!

Next, my mother gave me a huge bag of costume jewelry that she found in the house. Some of it was hers, some of it belonged to my grandmother, and some of it she had no idea where it came from. We hung out, sipped some tea, and chatted about old memories surrounding some of the pieces.  I left with a bag full of ideas on turning the jewelry into something new. Some things I thought were oddly fabulous as they were and planned to leave those as they are.

Right now, it all looks like junk and clutter sitting on top of my yarn/bookcase, but I have plans to use as much of each item as I can, combine it with beads and findings that I already own (or will purchase) to make a completely new look. Ooo, a challenge!

I immediately dove in to this bag to work on my first necklace, inspired by these gold balls that have been in my stash forever.  Here it is in progress.


Those “pearls” are connected together and are not my favorite piece to work with, but here’s to the task of trying to turn it into something that looks a little more desirable (at least to me or in great lighting)!

Although, I’m not so sure what to do with this!


– Nizzy

Make New, Again

Crafting with Friends

Well, it’s been a while since I crafted with DragonWillow!  Some of our lady friends got together for scrapbooking this past weekend and I, of course, brought the jewelry stash. 

I couldn’t decide on any ONE thing so I brought EVERYTHING and still managed a bit of productivity in a couple of hours.

DW and I made similar charm bracelets:


And I made a dainty enameled lock and key lariat putting my Philly Bead Show goods on display.


– Nizzy

Crafting with Friends

Knitting Punishment?

I feel like I’m on knitting punishment.  I told myself not to start any new knitting/crochet projects until I tied up some of the loose ends (literally) on some previously started projects.  I’m so bored with them all.  Part of the fun with crafting is starting something new!  It’s past time to get out of finishing mode and have a bit of fun with starting a few new projects.   I should really stop beating myself up about it the starting/finishing deal.

Speaking of finished projects, for that friend of a friend that just had a baby, I knitted the Baby Moc-a-Soc Booties.  These fall a bit into the ‘UGH’ category because of the twisted, grey yarn.  That crinkly yarn makes the stitches look so messy to me!  I would love to give them another try with something different.


And I am disappointed to find more yarn of this type in my stash.  I’m going to grin and bear it and see if I can make it into something I like better.   I like a challenge and apparently punishment!

I promise you this is also a sewing blog!  I’ve got a dress waiting to be photographed if only I can get the hem to work out.  I made a mistake in my pattern adjustments which doesn’t look like I can easily fix…without taking something apart!  Say it ain’t so!

I’ll leave you with a jewelry FO.  When I made this some time ago I found inspiration in the Steampunk movement, using gears and copper color.    It’s not all-the-way Steampunk, but it still has a little of that unconventional and irregular feel.


Knitting Punishment?

Another Nomination!

Emilybev nominated Creatively Motivation for a Leibster Award.  Thanks again!  She’s got some really cool crochet projects going on so head on over and check out her stuff!

This time it comes with a different set of questions since Emilybev’s spot is mainly a crochet blog.  Here goes…

1.  What was the first thing you ever crocheted?

The first thing I ever crocheted was (going to be) a blanket.  In the fifth grade I learned how to crochet from a teachers aid I met with after school hours.  I only learned single crochet stitch so you can imagine where that blanket went…nowhere. 

2.  What is your favourite type of food?

I’m a Greedy Gus.  Trying to narrow eating down to one selection?  Impossible.  However, one of my favorite cuisines is Indian.  I love the spices and flavors.

3.  Who is your favorite band/singer?

I couldn’t choose one so I pick both Mint Condition and Linkin Park.  I know, always breaking the rules.

4.  Summer or Winter?

SUMMER!  I find it easier to cool off than it is to stay warm.

5.  What is the main purpose of your blog?

The main purpose of my blog is to share my projects so that I can connect with others bloggers/crafters who share the same interests and keep track of what I’m working on for myself.

6.  When not blogging, what are some of your favorite websites to visit/hang out at?

FoodGawker, CraftGawker, Artist-a-Day

7.  Favourite smell?

Ripe Nectarines!

8.  You have £100 to do with as you wish. What do you spend it on?

Nevermind the exchange rate: Yarn and Fabric!  What else?

9.  If you could go back in time and talk to anyone from the history books, who would you choose and why?

Ummmm….I don’t know!  I’m just starting to get into history so I haven’t figured out yet who I find most interesting.

10.  What makes you laugh?

Being completely silly with friends

11.  What is your favorite memory?

That feeling when you were a kid on the first day summer day after school is out for the year.   The next couple of months you knew you were going to do nothing else but sleep in, hang out, and have fun all day long. 

On a completely different note, I’m behind in sharing some of my finished projects so I’ll leave you with a little jewelry-making that I haven’t posted about in a while.  I wasn’t always a necklace kind of gal, let alone a BOLD necklace kind of gal, but here is a little something different and I’m liking it a lot!  Now, I’m all about the big, the bold, and the beautiful!


Another Nomination!

Neck Candy

Happy New Year!!!  Here’s to a starting a new year waiting to be filled with great crafty adventures!

Part of what I am continuously working on is exploring ways to combine my hobbies and interests:  fabric+jewelry, geekery+knitting, sewing+beading, etc.  Here I had a little fun with some yarn and beads.  This NO-velty yarn was sitting in my stash originally to be used for scrapbooking, a hobby in which I no longer indulge.  I gave up scrapping, added about 3 more interests to take its place and thought I could find better use for this fiber in this neck candy.

Ooooo, yum.  So colorful I could just eat them!


Neck Candy

Crafty Mojo: Necklace


I’ve had all these components (beads, chain, etc.) FOREVER.  I had an idea in my head, but couldn’t get it out onto the table.

Come Saturday, I just *knew* how to do it and banged it out. 

I’m sorry I can’t give you a list of all the components (like I said, have had them forever), but I can give you a general idea…

  • Silver-plated chain
  • Silver-plated chain (large circles)
  • Silver-plated jumprings
  • Silver-plated bead caps
  • Silver-plated head pins
  • Glass beads
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Glass bead “chips”
  • Crystal/Metal links
  • LOTS AND LOTS OF PATIENCE!!!  I kept dropping stuff and had to rig a necklace rack, with two hemostats and two boxes of beads, weighed down with pliers that I wasn’t using LOL

This picture doesn’t do it justice (but, I didn’t look *too* bad in it, so I’ll use it LOL) and I have to shorten it a bit, but, I finished something.

And it’s about d@mn time!

Crafty Mojo: Necklace

Geek Craft Inspiration: Triangles

Sierpinski Triangle (Photo credit:

I’m inspired by various concepts in Math and Science and I’m always looking for ways incorporate these two subjects into my crafting.  This time the focus was on Triangles.

Geometry was one of my favorite subjects in high school.  I faintly remember the lesson on determining triangle congruence with rules such as Side-Angle-Side (SAS) and Angle-Side-Angle (ASA).   In taking a peek on pinterest, I found that the triangle is not quite as popular as the Circle, with its splendid evenness, but it’s shown quite often as a tattoo, there is a yoga pose named after it, it makes an appearance as some really cool art, and it’s there in its simplicity as the focus for jewelry.

I love these earrings!
Here I crafted a simple necklace to show a little admiration for the triangle.


Geek Craft Inspiration: Triangles