My Hobby has a First Name…

It’s H-O-M-E-S-T-E-A-D-I-N-G!

I had no idea that making your own home goods had a name.  I thought I was just being crafty.

Part of the reason I started making these things at home was to avoid all the chemical junk that manufacturers put in products.  After making the hair and body butters and lotion I’ve found that my skin and scalp like the natural products so much better than what I’ve purchased over the counter.   And I’ve purchased a lot!  I was a product junkie with a whole box and shelf full of half-used lotions and perfumes, and I was still buying stuff trying to find that product that would work wonders on me.

Starting with my hair, since I went back to my natural hair texture, I’ve tried to avoid SLS and all the parabens.  And come to find out there are parabens in mouthwash!  I knew what was on that label couldn’t be good, but I just never paid that much attention to it.

I formulated my own recipes for two types of mouthwash  (vodka base and baking soda base).  There was a third base that I considered trying (apple cider vinegar), but the thought of gargling with vinegar just made my stomach churn.  That’s not a good way to start the day.

Deodorant naturally followed given that I’ve given up ( although not completely!) aluminum based deodorants.  I mainly use a brand name natural deodorant, but use the sample sizes of the regular stuff occasionally when I need some extra protection.

I haven’t tried my version yet, but I’m hoping it works out really well for me.  A friend has tried it and so far she said she had good results.


My Hobby has a First Name…