She’s Crafty (and so is he!)

Been kinda dry on the creative juices lately, but I was able to pull a few things out yesterday.

Made a card for my mother for Mother’s Day.  It was my first attempt at a “busy/collage-type” card.  I’m actually quite pleased with it.  I used some toile paper (I LOVE toile!), some lace paper, stickers, paper flowers, ribbon and pearl beads.


My son made a card for my mom (wiht some help).  We used some pre-cut card stock (kit I bought at Target, cuz I liked the vibrant colors), some Becky Higgins paper and a sticker.  Simple but sweet. 🙂

AND my son made a scarab paperweight in his social studies class.  They were studying ancient egypt and made them out of flat rocks, paint, markers and felt.  Funnily enough, my mother loves scarabs (jewelry, but don’t tell Jake), so he decided it would be perfect for her for Mother’s Day. 🙂  I hope she likes it!

Well, that’s it.  Hopefully I will have more creative goodies to share soon!


She’s Crafty (and so is he!)