Finished Objects and Vermont Oranges

I had a slip-up with my challenge. While I’m having no problems working from my current craft books, I did slip in a spring fabric and pattern purchase.   Oops! I should make sure I incorporate those items in my crafty plans this year.

March's Craft Book Challenge: Granny Triangle Shawl

  • This month, for the Craft Book challenge entry, I finished up a project that I had worked on for a while based on a square found in Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs.   I didn’t follow the instructions given for linking them since I did more of a triangle shape that I sized as I went along.   I used Size 3 cotton crochet thread (warm teal and copper mist) and added beads to the edges for weight and fun.  All that work trying to get a decent picture and I managed to only capture the reverse side of the shawl.

And two other things for Thursday…

  • How cute is this? I must have this fabric!
keep calm fabric
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  • There is nothing like a good ole’ sweet orange!  I once went on a snowboarding trip to Vermont and when I returned my friends/family asked about the trip.  I remarked “Vermont has THE best oranges!”.   At a small market near our lodging, our group picked up this super huge bag of oranges.  I faintly remember orange, black, and gold packing.   Let me say, those oranges were the best damn oranges on the planet!   We tried looking for that supplier/brand again and never found them.   If you are in Vermont and have an orange tree in your back yard, please do share! 😉


Finished Objects and Vermont Oranges