Lessons Learned While Knitting


I never thought I would have so many lessons learned from knitting three pairs of fingerless gloves.

1.  Knitting (and other crafting)  for others is just as rewarding (if not more) than knitting for yourself.  Knowing others enjoy what I’ve made for them makes me smile.

2.  I was always hesitant to “waste” pattern stitches on black yarn.  This mini cable still has great texture and definition on this dark yarn.  I’ll never doubt that again.

3.  Bartering is just as good as selling an item in some cases.  Knitting is just one of those things that it’s hard to get full value for your project because it’s so labor intensive.  And good yarn doesn’t always come cheap!  You really have to keep projects small and fast to make it worthwhile if you are going the financial route.  Or not!  If you have a true love for knitting and the money doesn’t matter as much, then that is okay too! 

4.  I have a love/hate relationship with variegated yarn.  I love the colors, but hate how some of the color transitions are either too short or too long.  You really have to study the yarn and swatch (I know, *groan*)  to see if it’s perfect for your project.   

5.  What is the point of a glove with no fingers?  Uhhh, now I know!  These are actually WARM and they serve a purpose.  I recently read a comment on FB that said “There is a special place in hell for people who wear fingerless gloves.”  I mean if you have to be in a cold place where you need to keep your fingers free, say, like a photographer, or in my frigid basement trying to use a computer, why would you not want to warm up as much skin as possible and keep the cold air from going up your sleeves? Oh well, I am officially team fingerless gloves!

– Nizzy

Lessons Learned While Knitting