Let’s Revist That, Shall We

Y’all remember this project?  The Chiferobe

well, I had a chance to go back and revisit it (yes, I am avoiding cleaning/organizing my Studio.  Shush!).  I went out Friday night and picked up what I thought I needed for the project; cheapo paint brushes, paint, masks, paint cup, rollers, can key…you know, the basics.

Just for continuity, here is what it looked like before I started stripping the paint off of it.


Before (with stripping agent painted on in spots)


After an hour, I came down, saw the bubbling and got to work.  After this stripping, the chif looked like this.

Chiferobe after 1 round of stripping

Big difference, huh?  LOL

So, I did two more rounds of stripper/stripping, then cleaned with some mineral spirits to get to this…

Chiferobe After stripping/cleaning/sanding

Gorgeous dark wood.  Dinged, ripped, damaged dark wood 😦

I’m still on the fence about staining/painting it.  These are the colors that I’ve chosen, should I paint.

Outside:  RustOleum Professional in Royal Blue

Inside:  RustOleum Professional in Almond

I still need to deal with the inside (I stripped/cleaned with the thing still full o’ crap!  Too lazy to empty it :-/).  Once it’s stripped/cleaned I will get to work on making a final decision for paint/stain.

And there you have it, more crafty mojo from DW 🙂


Let’s Revist That, Shall We