Let’s Go Flyers!

They say If you are in/around/near Philadelphia or even know someone from the city, you better pretend like you are a Philadelphia sports fan or else get booed!  Philly sports fans are all about their sports teams.  Even kids, little old ladies, and the fan’s own mother are subject to disapproving looks if found rooting for the enemy other team.

While I support the teams, this is a project made for someone else.

This project came out of a discussion with some co-workers over which sports team has the best logo.  One guy thought the Philadelphia Flyers had hands down the best logo and thought it would be a fun and challenging to come up with a logo scarf for him.  He rather enjoyed my husband’s storm trooper scarf.    The Flyers logo is good, but I think Miami Heat has the best one.

I’m not a fan of the team, but the logo says they are in the business of burning up the net with all the shots they make.  Unfortunately, it’s true, but don’t get me started on my Miami Heat/NBA rant.

Here is a list of the top 100 (way too many) best logos that we viewed during the discussion.  Which team do you think has the best logo?


Let’s Go Flyers!