Getting Back into the Crafting Groove

I feel like I haven’t been in the blog world in such a long time! I had a week without any crafting because I was living it up on my very first cruise!


Lots of eating, sleeping, relaxing, occasional drinking, games, and fun, fun, fun! Even still I missed my sewing machine just a bit. I had big plans to sew up a little dress for an upcoming wedding, but the time just got away from me. So, nothing finished to see here!


I did start my next knitting project on the ship, but only managed to complete half of what you see above. Those late afternoon naps got in the way of my knitting.  Winter is coming and I’m ready to get into the grove of making hats, scarves, and the first sweater for my husband.  Little does he know, he will be subject to being measured and fit on a regular basis. 

In other randomness…the world of fashion is abuzz with September issues, New York Fashion Week, and other fabulousness and here is what caught my eye in the latest Vogue:


Knitting in a Chanel ad? See, knitting is COOL and FASHIONABLE!

September Vogue also brought to my attention the Fall 2013 Christian Wijnants collection.  This is a must have:


Photo: Alessandro Viero / InDigital | GoRunway from
Photo: Alessandro Viero / InDigital | GoRunway from


It’s hard to see in a photo of this size, but the tension is varied on this knit dress.  And beginner knitters think varying tension is a mistake!

Also, there were so many great NYFW collections (DVF, Zac Posen) it just makes me want to pick up a pen and sketch out a few things and then I remember I cannot draw!  Anyway, as much as I had a great time getting away, its good to get back to the hobbies I love so much.


Getting Back into the Crafting Groove

What’s Better Than the 80s?

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Ok, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I’ve got a love affair going on with the 1990s!  Can we bring back some of those wild fashion trends again?

Again? I guess that’s putting my age out there,  but hey, I’m not hiding it.  I was just sitting back reminiscing over 90s music, movies, being care free in school, but most of all, those crazy fashion trends: inside out clothes, O.P.P jackets, skorts, party shirts, crop tops, body suits, baggy clothes, and jumpers.  Yes, I still have a pair of overalls that I couldn’t bear to part with buried deep in my bin of winter clothes.  Soon as that underground 90s resurgence goes live I’ll be prepared!

I’ve always said the 80s was all about an anything goes self-expression, but the 90s had a bold, rebellious look that can’t be compared to any other decade. Bad Fashion? Maybe if by bad you mean good! Clothing was certainly different and at times ridiculous when you look back, but different was cool. It was the rebelliousness of wearing that baseball cap backwards, that jumper half hooked, and ripped jeans that made the 90s cool. Unfortunately, I think both decades really set the precedence for “dressing down”. People rarely dress up for things these days.  And when you do dress up you are met with wide-eyed stares and questions of “Where are YOU going?”

If you love 90s, are curious about some out there trends, or want to take a trip down memory lane, check out this list.

In the following link, noted trends range from the late 80s to late 90s.

– Nizzy