Crafty Mojo: Necklace


I’ve had all these components (beads, chain, etc.) FOREVER.  I had an idea in my head, but couldn’t get it out onto the table.

Come Saturday, I just *knew* how to do it and banged it out. 

I’m sorry I can’t give you a list of all the components (like I said, have had them forever), but I can give you a general idea…

  • Silver-plated chain
  • Silver-plated chain (large circles)
  • Silver-plated jumprings
  • Silver-plated bead caps
  • Silver-plated head pins
  • Glass beads
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Glass bead “chips”
  • Crystal/Metal links
  • LOTS AND LOTS OF PATIENCE!!!  I kept dropping stuff and had to rig a necklace rack, with two hemostats and two boxes of beads, weighed down with pliers that I wasn’t using LOL

This picture doesn’t do it justice (but, I didn’t look *too* bad in it, so I’ll use it LOL) and I have to shorten it a bit, but, I finished something.

And it’s about d@mn time!

Crafty Mojo: Necklace

Studio Redux

I have been a very naughty girl. 😦

I have let my studio turn to crap. I know, 40 lashes with a wet noodle.

Below is a collage of what you see when you walk into my Studio. That thing with the purple case on it? Yeah, that USED to be my lovely, lovely island.

Forgive me, I didn’t want this to be a photo-intensive post, so I made a collage in Picasa.  However, I wanted the collage to have the ability to blow up each picture, when clicked on, for a larger view.  I don’t think it does that and I haven’t figured out how to do it.  Sorry.  😦

Studio Collage by bluedragonwillow
Studio Collage, a photo by bluedragonwillow on Flickr.

Working from left to right, top to bottom:

First pic:  What you see as you first come into the Studio.  You can see my sewing machine in the background (it’s the brown mess with the TV on it).

Second pic:  The “Cutting Station” (to the left of the entry door). This is SUPPOSED to be where I store my Cricut, trimmers, etc. Yeah, it hasn’t quite gotten that far yet.

Third pic:  The top of my Island (which I can NEVER seem to keep clear) and in the background, my “office” area.  You can’t see the desk, but that’s probably a good thing.

Fourth pic:  Island Cubbies.  See, the original intent was to have them all nice and neatly filled with paper, embellishments and albums.  Well, my paper organizers didn’t fit into the cubbies and I did a whole “stash and dash” thing to get other crap out of sight!

Fifth pic:  Back corner.  You can barely see the closet door in the back right.  That closet, currently, is the bane of my existence.  It’s a long (runs the length of the “Paper Wall”), reach-in closet that is to serve two purposes; store office/school supplies, and craft supplies that aren’t “every day”  Right now?  It holds crap.  A children’s table & chairs set (in pieces), leftovers from my aunt’s “estate”, all kinds of other crap.  It’s driving me nuts!

Sixth pic:  My Jewelry Cabinet.  Yep, I make jewelry from the stuff that I cram in there.  It’s amazing I find anything.

Seventh pic:  What you see as you look into the closet.  See those shelves?  Yeah, I thought they were awesome at first too.  Seriously, not so much.  Flimsy and not very functional.  But I have a plan… 😉

Eighth pic:  More closet.  To show you that it goes back.  That’s not even a full shot.  Too embarassed to show that mess.

Ninth pic:  The Paper Wall.  All that paper was supposed to fit in the Island Cubbies.  But, of course, those Crop-in-Style organizers don’t FIT in the %&$* cubbies.  Hence, the wall.

Tenth pic:  The entrance door.  Yeah, that’s a paper bag elephant my son made in like 2nd grade.  He’s currently in 7th.  I think I need to upgrade my “display”.

Eleventh pic:  Close up of my sewing machine.  It needs a little love.  Built in the  60s, it’s not very “pretty” and the drawers are all wonky (not to mention some hardware is missing).  I’m debating about trying to paint it.  Still on the fence.

Twelfth pic:  Close up of my “desk”.  It’s actually a French Provincial Vanity that my aunt gave to my sister, who then gave it to me.  I *heart* it.  I’ve had to strip the paint off of it (it was chipping and I’m pretty sure it was lead-based).  I loved the “shabby chic” finish it wound up with, so decided to leave it, rather than paint.  I should have put some sealer on it, because it’s a little stained from cups and such.  But I plan to “clean” it again and definitely seal it.  Can’t decide whether to leave it, stain it or paint it.  Hopefully something will come to me.  It has a matching chair, but it needs some love too.  I had originally stripped it and stained it, but the stain wasn’t very even (or pretty).  I’m trying to figure out how (IF!) I can remove the stain.  Cross your fingers for me

And there you have it, my NIGHTMARE of a Studio.  Stay tuned to see what I have planned for the space (and what I actually accomplish)


Studio Redux

Be Our Guest

I made something else for my mother’s Memorial Service. Again, the funeral home usually handles the small things, like memorial cards, guest book, programs, etc.

Mom was cremated, so no funeral home.

In addition to her Trading Cards, I made a Guest “Sheet”.  It’s not a book, because, who really fills up one of those things?  Also, what the hell do you do with the book (that most places charge a minimum of $50! for) after the service?  You *might* use it to write thank you cards, but then what?

So, I made mine as single sheet of 12 x 12 art.  LOL  I did it so I could include it in a scrapbook (yes, I scrapbook just about everything…when I actually sit down and DO IT).

I used the same materials as the Trading Cards.  Added the flower and the “mom” sticker, leftover from the Mother’s Day Card I’d made.  I haven’t decided if I will continue to embellish it, afterward or not.  I have my cricut, but no cartridges, so am limited to stickers and such for embellishing.

I know she would have loved it.


Be Our Guest

Studio Redo (part 1)

We had some cold, wet weather this weekend and it forced me to stay inside (if you knew me, you’d realize that’s an incredibly funny statement…)

For some reason, I decided it would be the perfect time to rearrange and reorganize my studio!  You can see previous versions of this FUN (ha!) HERE.

(side note:  I blew out my back a few weeks ago and still have trouble moving, sitting, standing at times.  I am a *complete* idiot).

I started by tricking and then locking all the cats into the basement.  That way, I could leave the studio door open and not trip over the cats as I emptied 90% of the room to the living room (again!).

After the little stuff was out, I unscrewed the countertops from one another and removed them.  Then moved the EXPEDIT bookcases to make a base for a large island in the middle of the room.  Once that was in place, I brought the old vanity (that I’ve been using as a desk for like 100 years now) into the back right corner.  Moved my sewing machine from the entrance wall to the opposide end of the computer wall).  Put the countertop back onto the new island and then smartly snapped a pic (before everything could get all messed up again).  😉

Studio before organization started

Since that pic, I have moved the white drawer unit (under the left window) to the left of the sewing machine (that’s the “desk”-like piece the TV is on).  The little white drawer units (FIRA from IKEA; discontinued) to the remaining EXPEDIT on the left (you can barely see it to the left of the island).  Printer has been moved to the right of the desk (back corner, between the windows).

I then proceeded to bring everything back into the Studio that *should* live there.  It’s not all organized, but the plan is to organize, one box at a time, until it’s all done.  The cubbies on the side of the island toward the computer and sewing machine will hold office supplies and some files.  The side facing the Studio door (that you can see) will hold scrapbooking/craft supplies.  The other EXPEDIT cubbies will hold tools and other crafting supplies.  There is a closet that will hold over-flow (hopefully neatly!)
And there you have it, how I spent my snowy Saturday.  (seriously, I spent 12 HOURS on this room that day).  And miraculously, I didn’t hurt myself.
Studio Redo (part 1)