UGH!: Charming Cape

from Vogue Knitting’s 25th Anniversary Issue

I fell into deep likingness with this cape and many other projects in the 25th anniversary issue.  I thought it was quite charming with just a touch of elegance, very aptly named.  It looked easy enough and it was also very quick to knit.  I started in November 2008 and I could say with confidence that I finished all the pieces by the end of the year.  All that was left was the seaming and weaving in ends. 

And that took about 3 years to finish.
Last night I attached the last piece (the collar) and tried it on and I did not like anything about it.  The collar is just ugly, honey.  It’s kind of too big.  The side seams are droopy and I can not figure out if it is due to improper seaming, how it fits on my body, or a combination of the two.  And I don’t love the look enough to do anything to make it work.
UGH!: Charming Cape