Another Nomination!

Emilybev nominated Creatively Motivation for a Leibster Award.  Thanks again!  She’s got some really cool crochet projects going on so head on over and check out her stuff!

This time it comes with a different set of questions since Emilybev’s spot is mainly a crochet blog.  Here goes…

1.  What was the first thing you ever crocheted?

The first thing I ever crocheted was (going to be) a blanket.  In the fifth grade I learned how to crochet from a teachers aid I met with after school hours.  I only learned single crochet stitch so you can imagine where that blanket went…nowhere. 

2.  What is your favourite type of food?

I’m a Greedy Gus.  Trying to narrow eating down to one selection?  Impossible.  However, one of my favorite cuisines is Indian.  I love the spices and flavors.

3.  Who is your favorite band/singer?

I couldn’t choose one so I pick both Mint Condition and Linkin Park.  I know, always breaking the rules.

4.  Summer or Winter?

SUMMER!  I find it easier to cool off than it is to stay warm.

5.  What is the main purpose of your blog?

The main purpose of my blog is to share my projects so that I can connect with others bloggers/crafters who share the same interests and keep track of what I’m working on for myself.

6.  When not blogging, what are some of your favorite websites to visit/hang out at?

FoodGawker, CraftGawker, Artist-a-Day

7.  Favourite smell?

Ripe Nectarines!

8.  You have £100 to do with as you wish. What do you spend it on?

Nevermind the exchange rate: Yarn and Fabric!  What else?

9.  If you could go back in time and talk to anyone from the history books, who would you choose and why?

Ummmm….I don’t know!  I’m just starting to get into history so I haven’t figured out yet who I find most interesting.

10.  What makes you laugh?

Being completely silly with friends

11.  What is your favorite memory?

That feeling when you were a kid on the first day summer day after school is out for the year.   The next couple of months you knew you were going to do nothing else but sleep in, hang out, and have fun all day long. 

On a completely different note, I’m behind in sharing some of my finished projects so I’ll leave you with a little jewelry-making that I haven’t posted about in a while.  I wasn’t always a necklace kind of gal, let alone a BOLD necklace kind of gal, but here is a little something different and I’m liking it a lot!  Now, I’m all about the big, the bold, and the beautiful!


Another Nomination!

Finished Objects and Vermont Oranges

I had a slip-up with my challenge. While I’m having no problems working from my current craft books, I did slip in a spring fabric and pattern purchase.   Oops! I should make sure I incorporate those items in my crafty plans this year.

March's Craft Book Challenge: Granny Triangle Shawl

  • This month, for the Craft Book challenge entry, I finished up a project that I had worked on for a while based on a square found in Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs.   I didn’t follow the instructions given for linking them since I did more of a triangle shape that I sized as I went along.   I used Size 3 cotton crochet thread (warm teal and copper mist) and added beads to the edges for weight and fun.  All that work trying to get a decent picture and I managed to only capture the reverse side of the shawl.

And two other things for Thursday…

  • How cute is this? I must have this fabric!
keep calm fabric
Photo credit:
  • There is nothing like a good ole’ sweet orange!  I once went on a snowboarding trip to Vermont and when I returned my friends/family asked about the trip.  I remarked “Vermont has THE best oranges!”.   At a small market near our lodging, our group picked up this super huge bag of oranges.  I faintly remember orange, black, and gold packing.   Let me say, those oranges were the best damn oranges on the planet!   We tried looking for that supplier/brand again and never found them.   If you are in Vermont and have an orange tree in your back yard, please do share! 😉


Finished Objects and Vermont Oranges

CM has been nominated for the Liebster Award!

Threadtheory has nominated this blog for the Liebster Award.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  I graciously accept.

I truly appreciate all of you who take the time out to visit my little corner of the web whether it’s to browse, comment, encourage, or offer input.  As part of acceptance there are some great questions I have to answer, so here goes!

1. If you could choose anything (absolutely anything!) as a career, what would it be?

I think I would choose photographer as a career.  Not because I am completely competent and confident behind the camera, but because I really enjoy the process of trying to ‘see’ and capture the moment.  I’ve done a few photography shoots (maternity and couples) and although they were a little nerve wrecking I had so much fun at the same time.

2. What garment would you most like to add to your wardrobe?

More pants.  And in particular I want so badly a pair of those black and white two toned pants that are now popular.

3.  Where do you like to shop for fabric?

Everywhere!  Online, Joann’s, local fabric stores…I’m a fabric junkie.  If you saw the stash you would know.  And I’m so plotting a Mood visit one of these days.

4. What movie most inspires you to sew?

I had to think about this.  I remember being in love with the costuming in Gladiator, but I can’t think of anything more recent than that.

5. What are three key things that you would add to your dream sewing studio?

A counter height cutting tablefabric storage closet, and one of those fancy extra padded dressform that’s exactly my size.

6. Are you a PDF or a paper pattern person?  Why do you prefer one over the other?

Paper pattern.  I’ve never printed a pdf pattern before.  It sounds like I would have to tape too many pieces of paper together.  Not fun.

7.  Other than sewing, what most preoccupies your time?

Other than sewing (or my other crafty hobbies), COOKING.  I like it most of the time and I’m trying to cut down on dining out.

8. What type of garment interests you the most as a sewing project: Something that highlights an unusual fabric or something with a basic fabric and unusual details?

I love unusual details: ruffles, gathers, pleats, godets, odd draping, etc.  I love fabric manipulation.  I hope to incorporate more of that in my projects.

9. Do you have sewing buddies?  If so, who/what are they (friends – in person/online, pets, family)?

My best friend’s sister went to school for fashion merchandising and she loves to create her own designs.  Every now and again we get together and pull a late night sewing session.  I am still looking to meet up with others who enjoy sewing/fabric shopping as much as I do.

10.  Do you have sewers in your family history?  What type of projects did they mostly sew?

My grandmother and great-grandmother had sewing machines, but I never saw them sew anything.

11. If you could pick any new subject to spend a year learning, what would it be?

First thought: Japanese!  I’d really like to speak another language fluently.  For a while I was self-teaching Spanish, but I didn’t keep up with it regularly.

The questions were a lot of fun to answer!

I hate to stop the chain, but I don’t have any sewing blogs with few followers to nominate for this award.  The last few blogs that I started to follow have tons of followers and have been around for a while.  However, everyone loves a little blog traffic anyway so I will leave you with my most recent finds:

You Sew Girl

Sew My Time

Dresses and Me



CM has been nominated for the Liebster Award!

Thursday’s Three Things

  • I went to a local fabric store to check out the spring fabrics and then found myself in the pattern section.  They had tons of vintage and out of print patterns, but I was more impressed by finding the very first pattern I ever purchased back in ’91-’92.   My grandmother had an old (maybe recent at the time?) sewing machine, one of those heavy ones in its own handled case, and I was suddenly hit with the idea of teaching myself how to sew and read a pattern.   I never did finish that skirt because the machine had issues eating up the thread.


  • I love this little book .  It seems every time I pick it up it’s speaking directly to my thoughts in that moment.


  • Soon as it gets warmer I’ve talked myself (okay, STILL talking myself) into doing this running program.  I hate running!  Everything is all jiggly and hurting at once!  I’m not doing any marathons nor am I aiming for a specific distance.  It’s purely for cardio and endurance in the event that I do need to run.  It will certainly be a challenge.


Thursday’s Three Things

Thursday’s Three Things

  • My friend’s almost 11 year old daughter got a sewing machine for Christmas.  This past weekend I walked her through the fabric selection and cutting of her first pattern.  She was so excited it made me excited and I can’t wait until we get together to do some real sewing!  I wish I started sewing at her age.


  • Had a Youtube Dance Party on messenger with DragonWillow.  Passing music back and forth sure helped me get through this work day!


Thursday’s Three Things

Thursday’s Three Things

– I am knitting and listening to The Magician’s Nephew.  I didn’t read the Chronicles of Narnia as a kid, but that doesn’t mean I’m not completely enamored with this tale.  So enjoying it!

– I’m a total Post-it junkie.  Now what the heck can I write on this thing?


–  Heard news about a friend in a car accident and I’m so glad to know that she came away with only a few minor injuries and nothing life-threatening.  I still hope it’s a short road to recovery.


Thursday’s Three Things

Called Out! But, Challenge Accepted!

Enabler Alert! And just in time!

SOMEBODY (D’NALI ;-)) called me out to do the Craft Book Challenge.

Now, I was trying to slip under the radar and kind of work this thing unofficially and maybe not feel so bad if I, say, fell off the bandwagon a few more times to acquire a few more knitting and sewing patterns.  But, now that it’s out there…I gonna put it out ALL out there and step my game up.

I’m going to do this challenge.  Or at least try, really hard.  Again.  Unofficially, I had one slip this year so far.  Okay, two.   The goal is to cease all craft book purchases, including magazines, individual patterns, yarn, fabric, etc. in 2013 and work from within the stash.  What this means for me is that I will only allow myself to purchase reference books, stitchionaries, tools, and materials to get me through my current/planned projects.  That means no yarn, fabric, and/or patterns, to just sit and lie in wait for me to come up with some fabulous idea for them.

Well, you might as well lock me inside the house and hide away the computer!

No, really, it’s a good idea.  I’m supposed to make one object per month from a book/magazine I own and track my progress.  I can tell you already that I have three craft reference books on my wish list (1 knitting, 2 sewing) to get me through some of my crafty goals for 2013 so I have to figure out how to handle that when I get to it.

I am counting my Handsome Mittens for January’s entry.

Good God!  Wish me Luck!


Called Out! But, Challenge Accepted!

I Fancy a Pair of Mittens

BEHOLD! INTERWEAVE KNITS!  *holds up copy for all to see*


My Top 3 Favorite Knitting Magazines…

3. Knitty(.com)

2.  Knitscene

1.  Interweave Knits

Everytime I would get my copy in the mail I would drop everything just to see what lovely projects it contained.  My subscription ran from about 2008 to mid 2012.  And that weak moment I had a few days ago when I purchased that magazine?  Oh, yep.  That was IK.

Usually I want to knit just about EVERYTHING in the magazine so it is often hard to settle on one thing.   This time it was easier, because I had some yarn in the stash that I wanted to use for a small project.  So I combed every issue and settled on these Handsome Mittens.


I made them just a twee longer and opted out of the opposing thumb colors. They almost match my coat.


I Fancy a Pair of Mittens