Happy New Year!

2014 wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be in terms of crafting.  I did spend a lot of time thinking too hard about how to keep up with the Crafting Jones’ which made me lose my way a bit.  However, I refuse to give that any more energy and I plan to move forward.   I don’t know what 2015 is going be since I don’t have a complete plan yet, but I know what it cannot be.  It cannot be a year of:

– stockpiling materials to excess

– an overabundance of unfinished projects

– forcing myself to finish projects that I fall out of love with half-way through

– being too much of a perfectionist that leaves a project unfinished

– letting what others do distract me from my process

– letting fear hold me back from attempting new challenges

I just need to get out of my head.  So, Onward and Upward!


Happy New Year!

I was tagged!

I was tagged by the lovely D’nali for this creative musing, so here goes.

1.    What am I working on?

What am I NOT working on!?  I seriously have my hands in everything right now.  I knit/crochet, I’m making jewelry, I’m sewing for myself and learning to sew for others, I’m designing patterns, experimenting with fashion draping, I’m crafting soaps and other natural beauty products, I’m gardening, and playing with photography and photo manipulation.  There are so many other things that I haven’t named, because I am still trying to find out how I can incorporate them in my creative work.

2.    How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My jewelry pieces are my creation.  I love a good knitting or sewing pattern, but I enjoy more working from those items as inspiration.  As easy as is duplicate another’s work piece by piece, it’s more enjoyable (and sometimes agonizing in a way) to try to come up with my own variations.  I really feel like I put my heart, soul, and energy into the things that I make.

3.    Why do I write/create what I do?

For pure enjoyment:  I love creating things, learning something new and refining my techniques.
For the challenge:  Creating relieves stress, but also challenges me at the same time.
For necessity:  I like natural products and like to know what goes into my beauty products.  I like a wardrobe that fits my body better than ready-to-wear.  I get to eat food that I grow!
To give to others:  I’ve become more open to the idea of sharing more of my creativity with other people.  It’s still a struggle, but I’m getting there.

4.    How does my writing/creating process work?

I’ve tried the process of long-term planning of what I want to work on, but that works out only so far in advance.  I usually have to feel what I’m working on.  If I’m inspired by a bead, or a piece of fabric, or an outfit, or a scent, I just go with it.  For me, inspiration is EVERYWHERE, from the smallest concept (a color, a shape, a bead) to the biggest theme (a subject, a season, a destination).  Once am idea pops into my head I need to see if I can get it out.    As much as I love being spontaneous,  I still need to keep in mind that planning is important.

I never know who to tag in these things.  If you stop by the blog and want to participate in this, please do it and let me know that you did so I can come read about your creative process.

I was tagged!

Happy New Year!

Hello 2014!

I’m not going to do a 2013 round up, but I will say that last year’s craft stash challenge was fairly successful.  I did work mainly with materials I already own and did an okay job of not stockpiling materials for future projects.  I stepped out of my comfort zone to challenge myself a bit, although there are still some things that I didn’t get to do like I wanted.  However, I’m not going to beat myself up about the small things.

2013 was a pretty decent crafting and blogging year (first year I averaged about a post per week), but I’m ready to see what things I get into this year!  I’ve tried to come up with a list of craft goals, but keep getting stuck on only a few things.  Since I’ve spent quite a bit of time last year overwhelming myself with a long to-do list from looking at blogs, tv shows, Pinterest, and even my own library, I trying to think long and hard on what I actually want to start next.  There are some really creative people out there with some really great ideas that get me excited about being creative, but I need to realize that I can’t do everything at once and I certainly can’t keep up with all of you.  However, that does not mean I will no longer check out your blogs, comment, and/or post here.  I certainly appreciate all of your creativity, views, likes, follows, and comments and hope that we can keep it going throughout the new year!


Happy New Year!

Turning a House Into a Home, One DIY Project at a Time

I mentioned in an earlier post how badly I wanted to decorate to make my place feel lived in.  Well, I am finally getting around to putting something up on the walls!

I had my husband cut the wood blocks and I started painting.  These colors are a lot brighter, but I painted them the in the color palette that I want my livingroom: chestnut stallion, deep aubergine , leapfrog (green), hallowed hush (blue).   I saw this Eastern inspired palette in a Behr paint pamphlet and thought it looked quite modern, but the bright colors make it look fun.

To start, I selected various photos from our engagement and wedding and attached them using removable glue dots so I can change them as often as I want .  So sad that I’m just getting around to printing these out years later.

I used the velcro command strips to adhere the blocks to the walls for easy removal and positioning.

Et Viola!

It feels so good to personalize!


Turning a House Into a Home, One DIY Project at a Time

Called Out! But, Challenge Accepted!

Enabler Alert! And just in time!

SOMEBODY (D’NALI ;-)) called me out to do the Craft Book Challenge.

Now, I was trying to slip under the radar and kind of work this thing unofficially and maybe not feel so bad if I, say, fell off the bandwagon a few more times to acquire a few more knitting and sewing patterns.  But, now that it’s out there…I gonna put it out ALL out there and step my game up.

I’m going to do this challenge.  Or at least try, really hard.  Again.  Unofficially, I had one slip this year so far.  Okay, two.   The goal is to cease all craft book purchases, including magazines, individual patterns, yarn, fabric, etc. in 2013 and work from within the stash.  What this means for me is that I will only allow myself to purchase reference books, stitchionaries, tools, and materials to get me through my current/planned projects.  That means no yarn, fabric, and/or patterns, to just sit and lie in wait for me to come up with some fabulous idea for them.

Well, you might as well lock me inside the house and hide away the computer!

No, really, it’s a good idea.  I’m supposed to make one object per month from a book/magazine I own and track my progress.  I can tell you already that I have three craft reference books on my wish list (1 knitting, 2 sewing) to get me through some of my crafty goals for 2013 so I have to figure out how to handle that when I get to it.

I am counting my Handsome Mittens for January’s entry.

Good God!  Wish me Luck!


Called Out! But, Challenge Accepted!

Drinking with a Creative Purpose

Does this make me look like a lush?

*Squee*  I got to use a hot glue gun for the first time!

I’ve collected and saved wine corks for years to finally craft this herringbone cork board.  What was extra awesome about creating this is that without planning or counting I ended up with just enough corks to cover the main surface within the frame.  I just need a few more corks to fill in the edges.  Sounds like a good opportunity for a few more evenings of tv, knitting, and a nice chilled glass of white.

Since cutting the corks by hand was too tiresome and tedious, I had a family friend help me with cutting them in half on a table saw.



Drinking with a Creative Purpose

Christmas in July

(30 Days of Crafting – Reduce/Reuse Recycle)

I purchased this cute little tree at a big name store some years ago.  The silver color had turned black in some areas and it just didn’t look as cute as it once was.   Yet, I was still in love with it and was reluctant to get rid of it.   What a perfect opportunity to practice reducing/reusing/recycling and transform it into something new again.

Though my favorite holiday is not Christmas (I’m a Thanksgiving fan), I do have a soft spot for Christmas decorations.  Every year I put up a small tree and have fun experimenting with different color schemes.  The typical red and gold is nice, but I like to mix things up because I just adore COLOR!  I took this old silver tree with  clear/white and blue beads updated it with a fresh gold paint coating.  The discolored snowflakes were also spray painted gold and topped with a pink glitter.  Then to finish, I added sea-blue beads and AB colored snowflakes.

Viola!  And its cute again!

– Nizzy

Christmas in July