Organization (DW cheater post)

Took this quiz, and discovered I am “Uber Good Enough”

“Über Good Enough”

* You share characteristics from both the “Über-Organized” and “Good Enough” organization styles.

* While you pride yourself on your organization savvy, you’re okay with your products being visible. Not everything has to be tucked away in a file or drawer.

* Instead of putting away your tools, you keep them on your desk or within quick reach so you don’t have to pull them out and put them away every time you scrapbook.

* You are most like the following Creating Keepsakes editors, writers and Dream Team members: Lori Anderson, Brittany Beattie, Mandy Douglass, Jennifer McGuire and Cindy Tobey.

Q&A with Mandy Douglass

Q. Which style characteristics do you share with each type?

A. Über-Organized: I like to have a place for all of my scrap supplies. I sort according to color, pattern and theme with my paper, and I always make sure my small embellishments have a place for their type. I like to be organized when I scrap, and when I am done with one page, I clean up and then start again. I keep a binder full of articles and pages that inspire me; I generally throw the remainder of the magazine away. I also keep a sketchbook for those awe-inspiring moments!

Good enough: As much as I always try to have a place for everything, a straggler often stays on my desk for weeks and weeks. It seems that when I am on deadlines, I don’t have time to put everything away right after finishing my page, so sometimes a few days go by before I tidy up my office.

Q. What organization tip would you like to share with our readers?

A. Don’t go out and spend thousands of dollars on expensive organizational items because, if you are like me, you constantly change your organization style as you purchase more products. Buy organizational items that will allow you to add to your stash, such as small, plastic containers that don’t cost more than a few dollars apiece!”

Yep, sounds like me!  🙂

I *LOVE* being organized.  Love, love, love it!  However, lately, I couldn’t touch organized with a 10-foot pole.  BUT that is because I am in the process of creating a new crafting space and moving from my old one (and also returning from a weekend crafting getaway).  That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!  😉

I should take pictures of my Uber UN-Organized space(s) so you can see what I mean, and then update when I have my caca together.

I *will* get finished and organized, AND use the space.  AND update all you lovely minions about my latest projects!  (I actually FINISHED stuff this weekend *squee*).

Just wondering:  Is any one interested in “in progress” updates or do you just want “start” and “finish” posts?


Organization (DW cheater post)

Craft Room

I was trying to wait until I had pictures to go with this entry, but it’s taking me forever to actually take the pictures, so I’m going to go ahead without them…

I am currently turning an old bedroom into my craft room/office.  I am UBER excited.  🙂 

It took me a while to come up with the paint scheme.  I knew I wanted blue, but picking the shade took some doing.  I finally narrowed it down to a sky blue.  Blue is my favorite color and makes me happy.  Two requirements for a room where creativity will happen 😉

I finished painting the window/door trims last night.  They are white (because I like the contrast and white is easy to use to tie in all the rooms).  I will tape the windows, doors, ceiling and baseboards tonight and hopefully begin painting shortly. 

I’m going to paint a 4’x6′ chalkboard on one wall.  I’m still debating about painting some magnetic paint under the chalkboard.  It’s expensive and I’ve read mixed reviews on it.  The pervasive thing seems to be you need to use STRONG magnets in order for it to hold papers.  A few years ago, this would have been an issue, but my son is 12, I think he knows better than to try to put a magnet in his mouth and swallow (at least, I HOPE he does).

I was going to re-use the desk I’d made a few years ago, but it’s had some “accidents” in the last few months…animal-induced accidents :-/  So, now I’m going to make a desk from countertops and IKEA Expedit bookcases.  The bookcases will be perfect for holding 12 x 12 scrapbooking paper as well as providing ample storage for other items. 

This room has a closet, so it will be a good place for office supplies as well as fabric 🙂

The room used to be my aunt’s.  She had been using a hospital bed for the last few years (before she passed).  I was going to give it away, but apparently, no one wants it.  So, I’ve decided to turn it into a daybed.  It will provide extra seating as well as a place for guests to stay.  (no worries, my aunt died in a hospital, not that bed).

It will be nice to have a room with ample natural light, all my craft supplies out (or stored) in one place and a DOOR to keep the animals from ruining my creations!  🙂

Keep watching this space to see updates!


Craft Room

DW – I got my crafty on!

Woo Hoo!!  I did something crafty this weekend!  Sadly, it wasn’t in my craft room (which was to be the plan) because it took on water during our DELUGE this past week…and oh, look!  More rain this week!  YAY!  NOT


Anyway, I went to the RenFaire with my friend, M, and my son, Widget.  Not crafty you say?  Oh ho!  But I wore a corset I made with my very own hands!  HA!  Granted, I made it about 4 years ago, but I did have to re-assemble it to wear it to the faire, so I say it counts!

You don’t agree?  FINE!

I went scrapbooking on Sunday, so there! :-p

I worked on some more calendar pages for the Widget’s school book.  Ran out of small number stickers, so I stopped at December.  however, I had two page kits that I had bought at the CKC in July, so I worked on those.

I only semi-finished one (Easter) at K’s, I need to go out and get some glue dots to finish, maybe today after work…  The second one, Halloween, I semi-finished at home while watching “A Time To Kill” (on TV) with the Widget (I need small glue dots for this one as well).

So, see!  I CAN get my crafty on!  And I’ll even post pictures (later) to prove it!

Now, cross your fingers there will be no new damage to my craft room and that I can get the old damage cleaned and sanitized!  (the smell is enough to knock you out, man!)

Oh and I will have to update the pictures on Celtic Summer.  I’ve got quite a bit more done since my last update. 🙂

DW – I got my crafty on!

Celtic Sum!

Look!  I’m finally posting something!  Woo Hoo!!!

I have been working on my Celtic Summer cross stitch for a little while now. Decided to break it down and do one square inch per night, so it doesn’t seem so daunting.  I still need to order the beads for it (trying to bead and backstitch as I go so THAT doesn’t drive me batty by the end).

In case the picture isn’t clear, it’s the middle-middle up and over to the top left…not much.  Barely the back of her bodice, the back of her hair, the second “M” in “Summer” and the top border.

I can’t remember the exact date I started, but I know it’s written down somewhere.  When I find it, I’ll update here.

Until then…ENJOY!

Celtic Sum!

She’s Crafty! (But Lazy)

I am horrible at keeping up with this blog. 

Which is why I’m putting in a “cheater entry”.  It’s a little jog for my brain, to remind me to post some updates.

I need to show you pictures of my completed projects from CK Summer Camp 2010!  I earned 6 badges; Orienteering, Flag Etiquette, Fire Safety, Organization, First Aid and Crop Fun.

I have to FINALLY update and catalog as a WIP the sweater I am making for my buddy, Nizzy.  She picked the pattern and the colors.  It’s actually pretty quick and simple to do, but crochet is more of a cooler weather craft for me.  I hope to pick it up again soon.

I also need to post pictures and “squee” about all the fun goodies I got at CKC this year!  I briefly played with two of the toys on Saturday and was just like a big kid.  Oohing and ahhhing.  It was just too much fun.

I also made a card for my sister for her bday, so I will have to post a picture of that (or Nizzy will yell at me).

But I *am* here, just not into a blogging routine yet…but that will change, I promise!


She’s Crafty! (But Lazy)

DragonWillow’s WIP – Celtic Summer

My NEXT WIP is Celtic Summer by Lavendar & Lace (Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum).

I purchased the pattern from (MANY moons ago, along with the other three seasons. I finished Celtic Spring in October 2009).

(picture from

I plan to stitch on 14-count Hand-Dyed Aida (Highland).

made by (and picture from)

purchased through

I still need to buy the beads, but since I won’t be beading until the end, I can wait a little bit. And ALSO, since I plan to buy ALL the beads I need for the remaining Seasons, I need to save up some moolah (I’ve estimated $60 to purchase remaining supplies).


DragonWillow’s WIP – Celtic Summer

DragonWillow’s WIP – Simplicity 4192

Like Nizzy, I have SEVERAL WIPs.  This first one, I think I’d better get a move on if I want to wear it this summer.

It’s SIMPLICITY 4192. 

I plan to make the tank (View A) and the wrap pants (View D). 

For the top, I will use: (a picture of the fabric to be inserted later, that is blue, taupe and white).

For the bottoms I will be using taupe gauze.  I’m a little worried about using gauze for the bottoms, but I hope they come out alright.

DragonWillow’s WIP – Simplicity 4192