“Double-Shot Tuesday”

You’re getting a double-shot from me because I was kinda crafty this weekend.

First up on the program:  Jewelry

A friend came to me with a necklace that she had been given as a gift.  Although she loved the person who gave it to her, she didn’t love the necklace.  Too chunky.  Not an animal print gal.

So, with her input I changed her necklace into this…

As you can see, she was quite happy with it 🙂  (I should have taken a “before” picture, but I’m a dunder-head and didn’t think of it then).

Last on the list:  Paper Crafting

I was inspired by a challenge for a Facebook Group.  We were supposed to make a fall CARD using the colors burnt orange, sky blue and sunshine yellow.  I emphasize the word “card” because I didn’t catch that part when I did mine.  I made a cute wall-hanging.

I love it!  I just printed a cute pumpkin that I found online, colored it (with colored pencils) and then glittered the swirlies.  I mounted it on some brown cardstock, layerd with a sunshine yellow patterned paper and “live, laugh, love” in light blue.  I love that phrase, “Live, Laugh, Love”…you may see MANY more projects with that in it.  As well as “dream”, “imagine”, etc.

But there you have it.  Slow increases in DW’s crafty mojo. 🙂


“Double-Shot Tuesday”

Let’s Revist That, Shall We

Y’all remember this project?  The Chiferobe

well, I had a chance to go back and revisit it (yes, I am avoiding cleaning/organizing my Studio.  Shush!).  I went out Friday night and picked up what I thought I needed for the project; cheapo paint brushes, paint, masks, paint cup, rollers, can key…you know, the basics.

Just for continuity, here is what it looked like before I started stripping the paint off of it.


Before (with stripping agent painted on in spots)


After an hour, I came down, saw the bubbling and got to work.  After this stripping, the chif looked like this.

Chiferobe after 1 round of stripping

Big difference, huh?  LOL

So, I did two more rounds of stripper/stripping, then cleaned with some mineral spirits to get to this…

Chiferobe After stripping/cleaning/sanding

Gorgeous dark wood.  Dinged, ripped, damaged dark wood 😦

I’m still on the fence about staining/painting it.  These are the colors that I’ve chosen, should I paint.

Outside:  RustOleum Professional in Royal Blue

Inside:  RustOleum Professional in Almond

I still need to deal with the inside (I stripped/cleaned with the thing still full o’ crap!  Too lazy to empty it :-/).  Once it’s stripped/cleaned I will get to work on making a final decision for paint/stain.

And there you have it, more crafty mojo from DW 🙂


Let’s Revist That, Shall We

Old Table, New Life

I had a deck table that a neighbor had given me when they upgraded.  It was the perfect size, but needed some love.  I had been dragging my feet about doing something about it.

So, I got off my ass, last weekend…complete with brace on my dislocated knee, and gave my old table a new life.

Sadly, I didn’t take a before picture (there might be one somewhere tho), but here is the after…

I used a textured brown spray paint to cover the white legs and table frame.  Since I was too lazy to take the table completely apart, and I wanted to do it anyway, I painted the glass top with chalkboard paint.  I can’t wait to doodle on that!!!

But, there you have it.  I *finally* did a craft!  🙂



Old Table, New Life

Be Our Guest

I made something else for my mother’s Memorial Service. Again, the funeral home usually handles the small things, like memorial cards, guest book, programs, etc.

Mom was cremated, so no funeral home.

In addition to her Trading Cards, I made a Guest “Sheet”.  It’s not a book, because, who really fills up one of those things?  Also, what the hell do you do with the book (that most places charge a minimum of $50! for) after the service?  You *might* use it to write thank you cards, but then what?

So, I made mine as single sheet of 12 x 12 art.  LOL  I did it so I could include it in a scrapbook (yes, I scrapbook just about everything…when I actually sit down and DO IT).

I used the same materials as the Trading Cards.  Added the flower and the “mom” sticker, leftover from the Mother’s Day Card I’d made.  I haven’t decided if I will continue to embellish it, afterward or not.  I have my cricut, but no cartridges, so am limited to stickers and such for embellishing.

I know she would have loved it.


Be Our Guest

DW WIP: Chifferobe Love

This lovely piece used to belong to my grandmother.  It wound it’s way to me and I’m not letting it go.  However, it needs some love and I intend to give it to her.

Chifferobe, closed 

The white paint is most likely lead-based, so it definitely has got to go. I’d like to strip it and stain it or varnish it, but I’m not adverse to painting it again…if it would look good and if I can find the right color. 

Chifferobe, Open

There ya have it, my next project.  And as long as it’s going to rain for the next 40 million days, I might as well use the time to mess with the “chiffer” 😉

DW WIP: Chifferobe Love

More Studio Snippets

I worked on my Studio this weekend (when I wasn’t bailing out my flooding basement!)

I have these FIRA units from IKEA.  I love them, but they’re pretty plain.  So, I painted them (a few years ago).  Still too plain.

I had seen some embellished units on Pinterest, so I figured I would do the same!

So, they went from this:

To this:
And finally, to this:
I’d like to eventually Mod Podge them within inches of their lives and maybe add a drawer pull, but for now, this makes me happy.  🙂
My OCD is having a few issues with the un-level-ness of some of the fronts, the creative covering of the long drawer, and that I screwed up with one set of the stripes (one is vertical), but I’m going to tell myself, “part of the charm is from the flaws” and leave it alone.
I *still* have a LOT to do in here and a lot to fit in here, but it’s slowly progressing, so I’m happy 🙂
More Studio Snippets

Studio Progress

You’ve heard me whine about how my craft room/office is a mess and I can’t work in it and that I’m still straddling two different areas.  Well, this passed weekend, I decided to stop whining and start doing.

I started by emptying my basement (the “old” craft room) and carrying everything upstairs.  My living room now looks like this…

When I got bored (or annoyed) with carrying stuff up, I staged the studio (that’s my new name…I like it better than Craft Room/Office 😉 ) So, basically, I made a mess in there too, see…

But moving stuff around like that, in the room, allowed me space to have a war with myself over the layout of my work surfaces.  Couldn’t decide between “L-shaped” or “T-shaped”…

I ultimately went with “L-shaped” with the reasoning that all my cricut and gluing paraphinalia could live on the “L” portion and I can set up a folding table (or my dining room table, when I get a new one) in the open space for more work surface.  The far right end will be the “office” portion (with the computer and the printer and schedules and such).

Look, I hung a shelf too!  (actually, I hung two shelves, one on each side of the window, but I didn’t feel like taking two pictures, so you will just have to believe me).

AND, just to prove that I did some actual crafting too, here’s a picture of a layout (no pictures, yet) that I did Saturday night.  It’s from Lickety Split (bought it at CKC).  It’s festive, without being childish or girly, which is perfect for my Almost-Teenage Boy.  🙂

Stay tuned for more updates (as I actually DO some work…)


Studio Progress

Celtic Summer

Just wanted to post some progress on one of my [many] projects.

Celtic Summer is one that I pick up occasionally, but have been too busy to actually sit and do any real work on it.  Well, earlier this week, I received the beads for it and decided to try to bead along with the actual stitching.  Have been a stitching fool ever since!

What do you think? 🙂


Celtic Summer