Celtic Summer

Just wanted to post some progress on one of my [many] projects.

Celtic Summer is one that I pick up occasionally, but have been too busy to actually sit and do any real work on it.  Well, earlier this week, I received the beads for it and decided to try to bead along with the actual stitching.  Have been a stitching fool ever since!

What do you think? 🙂


Celtic Summer

DW – I got my crafty on!

Woo Hoo!!  I did something crafty this weekend!  Sadly, it wasn’t in my craft room (which was to be the plan) because it took on water during our DELUGE this past week…and oh, look!  More rain this week!  YAY!  NOT


Anyway, I went to the RenFaire with my friend, M, and my son, Widget.  Not crafty you say?  Oh ho!  But I wore a corset I made with my very own hands!  HA!  Granted, I made it about 4 years ago, but I did have to re-assemble it to wear it to the faire, so I say it counts!

You don’t agree?  FINE!

I went scrapbooking on Sunday, so there! :-p

I worked on some more calendar pages for the Widget’s school book.  Ran out of small number stickers, so I stopped at December.  however, I had two page kits that I had bought at the CKC in July, so I worked on those.

I only semi-finished one (Easter) at K’s, I need to go out and get some glue dots to finish, maybe today after work…  The second one, Halloween, I semi-finished at home while watching “A Time To Kill” (on TV) with the Widget (I need small glue dots for this one as well).

So, see!  I CAN get my crafty on!  And I’ll even post pictures (later) to prove it!

Now, cross your fingers there will be no new damage to my craft room and that I can get the old damage cleaned and sanitized!  (the smell is enough to knock you out, man!)

Oh and I will have to update the pictures on Celtic Summer.  I’ve got quite a bit more done since my last update. 🙂

DW – I got my crafty on!

Celtic Sum!

Look!  I’m finally posting something!  Woo Hoo!!!

I have been working on my Celtic Summer cross stitch for a little while now. Decided to break it down and do one square inch per night, so it doesn’t seem so daunting.  I still need to order the beads for it (trying to bead and backstitch as I go so THAT doesn’t drive me batty by the end).

In case the picture isn’t clear, it’s the middle-middle up and over to the top left…not much.  Barely the back of her bodice, the back of her hair, the second “M” in “Summer” and the top border.

I can’t remember the exact date I started, but I know it’s written down somewhere.  When I find it, I’ll update here.

Until then…ENJOY!

Celtic Sum!

DragonWillow’s WIP – Celtic Summer

My NEXT WIP is Celtic Summer by Lavendar & Lace (Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum).

I purchased the pattern from Stitchery.com (MANY moons ago, along with the other three seasons. I finished Celtic Spring in October 2009).

(picture from www.tiag.com)

I plan to stitch on 14-count Hand-Dyed Aida (Highland).

made by (and picture from)  www.picturethisplus.com

purchased through www.abcstitch.com.

I still need to buy the beads, but since I won’t be beading until the end, I can wait a little bit. And ALSO, since I plan to buy ALL the beads I need for the remaining Seasons, I need to save up some moolah (I’ve estimated $60 to purchase remaining supplies).


DragonWillow’s WIP – Celtic Summer