Craft Book Catalog Complete

So I’ve finished cataloging all of my craft books, a task made much easier using a bar code scanner on my phone.  I love that I didn’t have to spend too much time doing it.  Of the knitting and crochet materials I have there were only three I couldn’t find in the ravelry database:

Stoles and Shrugs

Knit it! Felt it!

Mon Tricot Baby Knitting

What’s nice is that instead of opening a zillion magazines and books looking for something to knit I can do a search right in ravelry to see what’s available.  Check out the full list here and feel free to share a link yours!  What’s one of your favorites in your craft book library?



“Double-Shot Tuesday”

You’re getting a double-shot from me because I was kinda crafty this weekend.

First up on the program:  Jewelry

A friend came to me with a necklace that she had been given as a gift.  Although she loved the person who gave it to her, she didn’t love the necklace.  Too chunky.  Not an animal print gal.

So, with her input I changed her necklace into this…

As you can see, she was quite happy with it 🙂  (I should have taken a “before” picture, but I’m a dunder-head and didn’t think of it then).

Last on the list:  Paper Crafting

I was inspired by a challenge for a Facebook Group.  We were supposed to make a fall CARD using the colors burnt orange, sky blue and sunshine yellow.  I emphasize the word “card” because I didn’t catch that part when I did mine.  I made a cute wall-hanging.

I love it!  I just printed a cute pumpkin that I found online, colored it (with colored pencils) and then glittered the swirlies.  I mounted it on some brown cardstock, layerd with a sunshine yellow patterned paper and “live, laugh, love” in light blue.  I love that phrase, “Live, Laugh, Love”…you may see MANY more projects with that in it.  As well as “dream”, “imagine”, etc.

But there you have it.  Slow increases in DW’s crafty mojo. 🙂


“Double-Shot Tuesday”

Just Enough Yarn for…Nothing

I found a bit of this yarn (in the picture below) left over in my stash that was originally used for a long skinny scarf in single crochet.  What the heck can I do with the rest of it? Do I throw it away?  Oh, but I’d feel so guilty!

So I did a little googling to see if the rest of the world had some ideas for me and I came across this blog post.  Here is a comprehensive list of 600+ patterns using very small amounts of yarn.  In that link there is ANOTHER link for about 100+ more!  None of them really help me in this case, but I thought it was a cool post nonetheless. 



Just Enough Yarn for…Nothing

Spring Earrings (DW)

I’ve been on a jewelry-making kick (as you’ve probably noticed)!

These are made from a Fire Mountain Gems gallery (BB1E).  I did NOT use all sterling silver, but I did use Swarovski crystals.  I also added a small silver jingle bell above the purple crystal.


(Wasn’t sure which background gave a better view, so I included both)


Spring Earrings (DW)

Organization (DW cheater post)

Took this quiz, and discovered I am “Uber Good Enough”

“Über Good Enough”

* You share characteristics from both the “Über-Organized” and “Good Enough” organization styles.

* While you pride yourself on your organization savvy, you’re okay with your products being visible. Not everything has to be tucked away in a file or drawer.

* Instead of putting away your tools, you keep them on your desk or within quick reach so you don’t have to pull them out and put them away every time you scrapbook.

* You are most like the following Creating Keepsakes editors, writers and Dream Team members: Lori Anderson, Brittany Beattie, Mandy Douglass, Jennifer McGuire and Cindy Tobey.

Q&A with Mandy Douglass

Q. Which style characteristics do you share with each type?

A. Über-Organized: I like to have a place for all of my scrap supplies. I sort according to color, pattern and theme with my paper, and I always make sure my small embellishments have a place for their type. I like to be organized when I scrap, and when I am done with one page, I clean up and then start again. I keep a binder full of articles and pages that inspire me; I generally throw the remainder of the magazine away. I also keep a sketchbook for those awe-inspiring moments!

Good enough: As much as I always try to have a place for everything, a straggler often stays on my desk for weeks and weeks. It seems that when I am on deadlines, I don’t have time to put everything away right after finishing my page, so sometimes a few days go by before I tidy up my office.

Q. What organization tip would you like to share with our readers?

A. Don’t go out and spend thousands of dollars on expensive organizational items because, if you are like me, you constantly change your organization style as you purchase more products. Buy organizational items that will allow you to add to your stash, such as small, plastic containers that don’t cost more than a few dollars apiece!”

Yep, sounds like me!  🙂

I *LOVE* being organized.  Love, love, love it!  However, lately, I couldn’t touch organized with a 10-foot pole.  BUT that is because I am in the process of creating a new crafting space and moving from my old one (and also returning from a weekend crafting getaway).  That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!  😉

I should take pictures of my Uber UN-Organized space(s) so you can see what I mean, and then update when I have my caca together.

I *will* get finished and organized, AND use the space.  AND update all you lovely minions about my latest projects!  (I actually FINISHED stuff this weekend *squee*).

Just wondering:  Is any one interested in “in progress” updates or do you just want “start” and “finish” posts?


Organization (DW cheater post)


I (DragonWillow) went scrapbooking this weekend!  Woo Hoo!  I am SO on a crafting roll!

While I was there for 13 hours (I helped to set up), I only got 7-8 pages done.  That sounds like SUCH a waste of time, but I got very detailed in what I was doing and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so it wasn’t a waste to me!

You can see my creations here…

I still need to finish May and June for this calendar group (it’s for my son’s 5th grade scrapbook).  Then, of course, I need to actually scrapbook the events of that year (as well as K-4…I know, I’m slow.  It’ll get done, I promise!)

Oh, and for a little crafty shout out, here is a link to one of my son’s school projects, a Candy Cell.  He got an A!  I’m so proud!!