Project ‘Project Runway’

I know every one is probably tired of Project Runway by now.  It’s overloaded with product placement, drama, some silly challenges, but truth is I never get tired of it.  I wish I could see more of the designer’s creative processes and techniques, but that stuff just does not make for good TV.  No matter how unbearable it gets I will still tune in just to see the creative things people can dream up in just a few hours.

So that I can let it live on while it’s in the off season, I’ve taken on a project inspired by the show: Revisiting past challenges and attempting to recreate or re-image my favorites (or not so favorite) using a half-scale model.  I’m so product oriented I don’t take enough time to practice draping, pattern-making, and just plain ole’ playing with fabrics and design.

I am no match compared to those skillful designers and because of that I don’t even know how far I can take this project, but I hope to learn a little more about clothing construction in the process.  Everything is always a learning process.

Instagram is my new best friend since I can keep it short and sweet and that is where I shared my first go at this.  Now I understand a lot more about hiding darts in seams.  Is it wrong that I want this in my size?


Project ‘Project Runway’