When Did That Happen?


Several nights ago I walked into the bathroom and wondered why I could feel the cold floor only on my heels.   Then I looked down and realized that my hand-knit socks were completely worn.    These are the second pair of socks I’ve ever knit and the hole is too big to bother with mending.  I’ve only used these socks for lounging around the house and I don’t have pets so I don’t have any idea on how this happened so quickly.   Is this a bad thing?

NO!  I get to knit more socks!  Sock knitting is one of those things you either really enjoy or really dislike and I happen to like it so it’s a fine thing to add to my 2014 “list” of things to tackle/attempt this year.  I’m still not completely sold on the idea of a big year-long/monthly challenge, but I am still keeping tabs on few things I really want to get into. 

I used to keep a master list of different projects to complete, but I found that list quickly became overwhelmingly long.   I mean I drool over most of the projects in knitting magazines and craft books! 

“Oh, can I please have almost every scarf ever designed?” 

“Don’t make me choose!”

“Put pages 1-100 on the to-do list!”

However, I find carefully choosing specific craft goals just as overwhelming.  To get out of that rut I’ve been in since the end of last year, I’m just going to let go of the listmaking for a while and just go with the flow.  Let the crafting ideas take me wherever they take me!

– Nizzy

When Did That Happen?

2 thoughts on “When Did That Happen?

  1. I have such an overwhelming list of projects I want to knit. And yet, I haven’t let go of the listmaking tendencies. Usually, when I finish a project, I peruse the list and try to match projects with my yarn stash… sometimes it works out. 😀

    1. Well that should help you keep the stash at bay! I’m a chronic list maker. I will still need to use a smaller task list to keep me on track with the items I choose to work on, but I’m letting my inspirations guide me to my next project. That’s usually how I work with my jewelry crafting and it’s also how I choose the next book in my personal readings so I’m going to give that method a try in my other crafts especially knitting and sewing.

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