Lost Little Puppy

I’m still feeling the effects of internet overload so lately I’ve moped about the craft room like a lost little puppy although I am taking the opportunity to make some progress on a few unfinished projects.   But there is hope.  My husband presented me something that just might enliven my knitting spirit!


I got hooked up with a handmade yarn swift.    Let me tell you how much of a pain it is to try to wind yarn while having someone hold it on their arms.  There is always a tangle, it always falls off the person’s arms, and it almost always winds incorrectly.  As he grew tired of my frustrations (read: moaning, whining, complaining), he trudged through the snow and out to the shed to whip this up based on plans I found on the internet sometime ago.  I’m certainly thankful for it! 

Next stop, winding up the yarn for a lace project I’ve waited forever to start.

– Nizzy

Lost Little Puppy

2 thoughts on “Lost Little Puppy

  1. OMG It’s so awesome that he made this for you! I don’t know how you went without one for so long–I can’t live without my yarn swift and winder 😀

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