Thursday’s Three Things: Scatterbrain Edition

  • I’m having a moment of crafting ADD.   I’ve got planned projects, future projects, projects in my head, projects on paper, stashed projects, unfinished projects, test projects, class projects…*scream*  I feel overwhelmed and  that means nothing gets done this month.   Lately, Pinterest has been adding to the ADD thing.  I don’t pin like a mad woman, but I do view what’s trending from time to time. Last month, I saw a photo on Pinterest (don’t all craft stories start this way?) that inspired me to sew a color a colorful printed skirt (McCalls 5???) and crop top  based on See and Sew 5939.  I tried to plan out what I thought it would look like.   
Illustration and Inspiration

I love prints, but don’t wear them as much and I have a few in the stash that still catch my eye.  The fit on the crop top was going well until I added the sleeve so I just gave up on it.    However, I’ve completed the skirt! 


Belt details
  • I even adding a lining.  I missed the bus on actually wearing this outside during the few unseasonably warm days we had this month and it’s not going to happen now unless I get a pair of thick tights AND leg warmers.  Oooo, leg warmers: that’s a project on my to-do list, of course.


  • Usually when I feel this way, I’m feeling it in all areas of my life including fitness.   My “run for 20 minutes program” was successful, but now it’s time to find new challenge for the colder weather.  What’s next?  Arms? Legs? Cardio?  I need to set some new goals ASAP.


  • I’m starting books, putting them on hold, and then starting something new.   I had the simplest reading goal that I’m not going to make.

I’m all over the place!  Excuse me while I take a deep breath and try to clear my mind for a minute.


Thursday’s Three Things: Scatterbrain Edition

5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Three Things: Scatterbrain Edition

  1. Welcome to MY world! I’d say let’s help each other out, but I’m not sure if the blind leading the blind is a good idea in this case LOL we can just enjoy ADD Crafting Sessions 😀 (Oh, and “where’s my damn sweater???” LOL)

  2. It just happens like that sometimes. I need to clear my head tonight so I can get some crafting time in this weekend. It’ll happen. Sometimes not on our timelines but it does. Eventually.

    Lovely skirt. Even if you don’t get to wear it now, there’s the Spring.

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