Geek Craft: 3.5″ Danglies

At work this week I thought it was time to stop procrastinating and get around to destroying all of my old 3.5″ diskettes.  I don’t have a clue what’s on them and even if I wanted to know, there is no way I’m going to chase down a computer with a drive. 

The conversation in my head went like this:

Regular Me:  “Finally getting rid of these old diskettes.  Cross that off the to do list!”

Hoarder Me:  “No! What are you doing!?  Keep these!  You’ll find a drive one day.”

Environmentally Conscious Me:  “Oh, dear!  What a waste of all this plastic and metal. Recycle it!”

Crafty Me:  “Hold on, I have an idea.”

Hoarder Me: “Yeah, listen to the craft idea and keep something.”

And these were born!


Most people probably won’t even recognize this metal piece as the center of a disk.  I salvaged quite a few of them to see what sort of fun I could have transforming then into something new.  The easiest choice was a pair of earrings.  I wanted to do a little more with then than just throw the discs on ear wire so I dipped into the bead stash and pulled out a few faceted beads, aluminum discs, and chain.  I also could not resist measuring them.  From the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the disk they are exactly 3.5″ in length!  How perfect!


– Nizzy

Geek Craft: 3.5″ Danglies

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