If It Fits, Why Not?

This year I’ve decided to challenge myself in ways that I have never imagined or put off at one time or another and that includes signing up for a continuing education classes in fashion design.  It’s not on the level on a full-fledged undergraduate degree, but the class so far has challenged me, it’s been interesting and fun!  

Some of our class assignments involve discussions of current fashion articles which has led me to browse TONS of fashion news sites and blogs in the past month.  Between the informative fashion business news sites and the 80 zillion “what I wore today” blogs there are many places with tons of advice on what you should and should not wear for your particular body type. I mostly think this is a load of bull!  I am of a mind that if you find something that’s fits well regardless of your shape you should wear it with pride. Why hide assets that you do like? Not all women want to minimize a large bust or full hips, some short women happen to like long dresses (and look good in them!), and I’ve seen some full-figured women rocking a wild all over print.    If you have the confidence to pull off the look and are comfortable in the clothes and skin, why not go for it?!  What do you think about dressing for a body type?

On another note, speaking of both “fit” and “classes”, I completed  a Craftsy class on Fitting your Knits.   The class project sweater (Mesilla) in the photo isn’t my favorite knit pattern that I’ve seen around, but I wanted to go through the steps for the class sake. The fit of this sweater, while not perfect, is better than others I’ve made in the past.    Most times I’m so excited I just want to jump in and start knitting I would barely remember to check the gauge (amateur mistake!).  The body fits  well, but there are too many stitches in the front raglan area.  

The math for fitting knits isn’t difficult at all!  You just have to know your measurements, gauge, and the pattern’s measurements and gauge.    I’m not sure I really needed the class for all that, but it did get me to think more about fitting my knits properly for all future projects.  




If It Fits, Why Not?

One thought on “If It Fits, Why Not?

  1. Super cute and I agree with you re your fashion analysis. I consider myself a plus sized woman but I wear clothes that fit, clothes that minimize my problem areas and accentuate my beautiful behind, waist, shoulders and arms. I think complimentary fit (including wearing print or color that works) more than anything else should determine if a person should wear a garment or not.

    Have a great time at class. I’m considering taking some knit related classes as well; you’ve encouraged me to just bit the bullet and do them. There’s no time like the present.

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