Searching for Style

What is good style?

Is it copying what the celebrities/rich are wearing?  Is it doing your own thing based on exactly what you like?  Is it staying true to the current trends?  Is it all about confidence and fit no matter what you have on?  Whatever the definition, I’m trying to find my way one piece at a time.  Depending on just who you ask, there will be hits and misses with any wardrobe.  Not everyone likes the same type of clothing.  Some adopt the less is more attitude while others like to button up to the neck.

Is there possibly a wrong way to style?

I catch clips of these television shows like Fashion Police where they discuss celebrity fashion and how right or wrong they choose to style themselves.  I can’t help but to feel a bit annoyed about how harshly they get judged.  Let me tell you, if I had millions I would wear what I want no matter how crazy, different, odd it is.  And that is exactly the direction I want to head now.  If I wanna go head-to-toe hooch let me do my thing!  Maybe tone-on-tone is how I’m feeling today.

In the meantime, until I figure out what this ‘style’ thing is all about, I’m going to do me and try to have some fun educating myself on what works and what doesn’t!

Anyhoo…this month’s craft stash challenge is brought to you by Stitch and Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker.  I wanted a casual little cover up to wear over strappy tanks and dresses when I didn’t feel like showing my arms and back (especially at work).   In the stash I hated this yarn.  I didn’t like the crinkle, but felt guilty parting with it so I chose to turn all that hate into a great.  I’m digging the finished product!


With it, I’m wearing one of my finished jewelry pieces that was sitting around waiting for a photo-op.  I’m experimenting in the craft room with some different materials, but my current moment with sewing has taken away some of the one-on-one time with my jewelry stash.  Maybe that upcoming Philly Bead Fest will get my mojo rolling again.


– Nizzy

Searching for Style

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  1. Love the cover-up AND the necklace. Isn’t it awesome when you can make something you like out of something you never thought you’d use in a million years? 🙂

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