Scrap Happy!

I mostly think of shopping for myself when looking for new for sewing patterns.  Many of the items I sew are garments and fitting myself is hard enough.  Once I can master pattern alterations and fit for myself I think fitting others might become a piece of cake.  For the moment I’m perfectly fine with sewing small accessories for friends.

I don’t always feel like carrying a bag, especially since I tend to stuff it full with everything I own.  It get’s heavy!  Gum?  Got it.  Hand Sanitizer?  Yep.  Camera?  All the time.  Floss? Of course.  Q-tips? Maybe.  I’m known to tear a handbag to shreds.  Why do I need to carry all that stuff?


When I don’t want to carry my life with me, one of these wrist wallets (Kwik Sew 112) will be perfect!

Now, where I carry everything, I have a friend who is the opposite.  No bag, no purse, no wallet, just keys, phone and card in the pocket.  How does she live without lip gloss or lotion at the tip of her fingers?  Her cards and ID are bent out of shape from sitting in her pocket and that is just unacceptable!  I knocked out one of these out (#4)  so that her cards (and mine with #6) could be protected without her getting a girly girl purse or a manly wallet.  Hopefully, I can convince her to carry it.


The best part was sewing these out using the scraps of fabric I already owned.  No washing or fitting.  Just cut and sew.  I went crazy and made 4 more.


Scrap Happy!

4 thoughts on “Scrap Happy!

  1. I am def more like your friend. I think these are awesome but I can’t see me using the handle 🙂 but hopefully your friend will. Or she may take it off and stick the other part in her pocket 😉 but still a cuter solution.

    1. Yeah, it might be wishful thinking in getting her to use it regularly, but I am hoping it will be helpful for those times where she doesn’t have pockets. I will say it was freeing to carry this instead of a bag!

  2. I love these! I’m just like your friend … my aunt tsks at me all the time when I show up … well dressed without a purse.

    Now you know what I want for my birthday in October. 😀 😛 😉

    1. Thanks! You all have to share with me the secret to carrying nothing. I feel so lost without my bags and bags of crap, lol! Where does one put her keys and phone..,and lotion…and lip gloss? lol

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