Challenge Accepted!: Baby Clothes

A coworker of mine just had a baby girl and that fits in perfectly with my personal challenge of seeing at least one baby in something I’ve hand-knit.  So far the last few items have been a bust: baby born bigger than the clothes, parents think the item is wool so they don’t put it on the baby because it was spring/summer, and I have no idea how the booties went over.  Don’t people dress their babies like kids do dolls and change their clothes several times a day? 

Since I like a challenge I went ahead and knitted another dress for baby.


I used felt buttons because they were different and I went big on size so baby can grow a bit into this one. 

Yarn used: Bernat Cotton-ish in Cotton Gin Colorway.  It’s a soft yarn with a nice drape and…affordable!


Please, oh please, let baby wear it for just a few hours if anything!

– Nizzy

Challenge Accepted!: Baby Clothes

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    1. Funny you should say that because right after I posted I was wondering if it sounded a tad misleading. Yikes! Not expecting at the moment, but I might have to have one to see a baby in my clothes. Almost seems like it’s the only way! 🙂

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