Part-time Perfectionist

There are times where I am knitting/sewing/crafting away at a project and I’ll notice a mistake: A split stitch, a crooked seam, a missed area of paint and I will sometimes let myself think that mistake ruins the whole project.  Surely, if I notice it others will also.  Yes, I am a perfectionist! But that’s not quite something to be proud of. 


While I was making March 2012’s quilt blocks I tried to get those points and corners to line up and in the end there were a couple that just didn’t line up perfectly.  Do I throw in the towel on the whole project?  Do I spend more time taking it all apart to try to line it up?  In this case, both of these answers should be no.  One small little error does not render a whole project useless.  The inherent function of the block will still be the same.   As crafters/artists/workers/people we should strive to do the best we can, but not at a cost.  Paying attention to detail is a great quality to have, however extreme perfectionism is limiting, inefficient, and most of the time unattainable.

In the future I hope to let my perfectionism drive my need to improve, but not so much so that it hinders my creativity and progress.  I am not a machine.


Part-time Perfectionist

4 thoughts on “Part-time Perfectionist

  1. Your message today is what my sewing instructor said to me two years ago. She loved the fact that I was so detailed but she told me that I spent too much time correcting mistakes that did not render my end product unusable. Some of the mistakes were only discernible to me because I knew where they were and to her because she was a pro. She told me I needed to learn to let perfectionism go or else I’d never have F.Os.

    Thanks for the reminder and that quilt block looks amazing! Great job!

  2. yup – I suffer from the same personality ‘enhancement.’ 🙂 Sometimes it keeps me from even attempting to sell my product at a reasonable price because I fear others see the flaw that bugs me so much. I’m learning not to be so hard on myself – thanks for sharing this!

    1. You’re Welcome! Being hard on myself is probably the top reason why I don’t sell anything. Bad habits are hard to break, but there is hope! Thanks for your visit and good luck with selling your products.

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