Giving in to Wearing Dresses

I’m throwing in the towel for a while on trying to find ready-to-wear pants that fit.  A few months ago I went out shopping one day and tried on 17 pairs of jeans!  Different sizes, different brands, different styles, and NONE of them worked for me.  I left that store with my feelings hurt.  To stay positive about the wardrobe thing, I’m going to wear more dresses.  Now, if you don’t already know, dresses aren’t my go to thing.  I love they way they look on the rack and on other people, but I was never a HUGE fan.  Even as a little girl I rolled my eyes when I had to wear one, even though I still cut my eyes with a little envy at the girly girls with their cute dresses.   Funny how things don’t change much sometimes. 

Well, It’s 2013 and I’m going to EMBRACE the dress.  Partly out of necessity and partly because I want to change my look.

Burda Magazine 5-2007-131

I made a simple dress with shoulder knots (#131)  from Burda Magazine’s 5/2007 issue.   The fabric is knit, but the gold print on greatly reduces the fabric’s stretch.  I made pattern adjustments to account for that, but I ended up taking it all back in plus a little more because it still too large.  I was in love with this fabric when I purchased it years ago, but became lukewarm when I started to manipulate it.  It also has a little sheen to it that I’m not crazy about.

The pattern itself is easy.  The straps are long so you can adjust the fit and cut as you make the dress.  The wide fabric belt gives the dress a little shape at the waist.  I think it looks a little better when it’s bunched up a bit more.

I have to tighten up the straps a little more, maybe take in the belt just a hair, and then check this off as the first (or second) dress of the season.    image

I’m all in! 

But, I still need shoes.


Giving in to Wearing Dresses