Big Hair Calls for Big Earrings!

I returned my hair to its natural state about 4-5 years ago and I’ve done everything to it: twists, twist outs, puffs, flat twists, curly fro hawk, etc.  Well for the first time EVER I rocked the fro last week.  In celebration, this big hair calls for big, colorful, crochet earrings!


I don’t know what took me so long to do it.  I guess I just needed to finally feel comfortable with my hair!  I had years and years self-hate to undo, thinking I would be inadequate if I didn’t have some sort of chemical treatment going on.  Chile, I can’t go back to that stuff!

I’ve worn them so much I know folks are tired of seeing them. But earrings are the one thing I hate to leave the house.  Big ghetto hoops, dainty dangles, studs, costume, the real deal: I have to put something in these ears or I don’t feel complete.


Big Hair Calls for Big Earrings!

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