Knitting Punishment?

I feel like I’m on knitting punishment.  I told myself not to start any new knitting/crochet projects until I tied up some of the loose ends (literally) on some previously started projects.  I’m so bored with them all.  Part of the fun with crafting is starting something new!  It’s past time to get out of finishing mode and have a bit of fun with starting a few new projects.   I should really stop beating myself up about it the starting/finishing deal.

Speaking of finished projects, for that friend of a friend that just had a baby, I knitted the Baby Moc-a-Soc Booties.  These fall a bit into the ‘UGH’ category because of the twisted, grey yarn.  That crinkly yarn makes the stitches look so messy to me!  I would love to give them another try with something different.


And I am disappointed to find more yarn of this type in my stash.  I’m going to grin and bear it and see if I can make it into something I like better.   I like a challenge and apparently punishment!

I promise you this is also a sewing blog!  I’ve got a dress waiting to be photographed if only I can get the hem to work out.  I made a mistake in my pattern adjustments which doesn’t look like I can easily fix…without taking something apart!  Say it ain’t so!

I’ll leave you with a jewelry FO.  When I made this some time ago I found inspiration in the Steampunk movement, using gears and copper color.    It’s not all-the-way Steampunk, but it still has a little of that unconventional and irregular feel.


Knitting Punishment?