Thursday’s Three Things: All about BOOKS!

I love books which I’m sure you readers know if you’ve seen my craft library.  I can read just about everything (except Horror genre).  That doesn’t mean I’ll like it or be able to get through it, but I’m always ready to give any book a try.

  • One I finished: Gone Girl.  I was a little let down at the end, but still enjoyed the read.

The Sari

  • One I want to read: The Sari.  I am fascinated with the sari and some of the exquisitely beautiful fabrics used to make them.  I asked my husband (then boyfriend) if I would look crazy wearing a sari and with no hesitation he told me yes.   I had to laugh at that.   He knows I’m quirky enough to wear one anyway despite “looking crazy”.
  • One I couldn’t get into:  Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals 2.  I was a big Rachel Ray fan and I loved her 365: No Repeats cookbook.    This one just didn’t grab me.  The recipes are a little blah and arranged in a menu format, which I am not crazy about either.  However, from this book I did get the idea of sprinkling a little chili powder, butter, and a squeeze of lime over corn on the cob.  That is delish!


Thursday’s Three Things: All about BOOKS!