A Bag in a Bag in a Bag

So instead of wardrobe building, I spent April purely focusing on my Craft Book Challenge craft: The Origami Bag from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches.

You know how you put small objects in a larger bag and they always seem to fall to bottom corners so you end up digging and digging or dumping the entire contents just to find the darn thing?  Yeah, I was in desperate need of something to solve this problem.

When I take my earrings off before my workout I can throw them in one of these bags and easily retrieve them without a hassle.  I can use the larger ones for toiletries, intimates, electronics, etc.  These bags come in 6 different sizes (extra-small, mini, small, medium, large, extra-large) so there is a size for just about everything.

Because I wanted to use up a little more fabric in the stash I even made a second set which I have hopes to offload to someone in need (or want!) of some catch-all bags.

I still have a few more to complete, but I am so ready to get back to more sewing for the wardrobe.


A Bag in a Bag in a Bag

6 thoughts on “A Bag in a Bag in a Bag

  1. Really cute. I have that fabric in the red or pink I think. If my daughter didn’t nab for one of her projects as I saw her eyeing it awhile back. Anyway I like how you paired it with the solid. I may mimic (aka copy) 🙂

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