I LOVE Hoodies!  If I could have one in every color I would.  There really isn’t anything that spectacular about them other than I’m always cold so they come in handy.

Source: http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m4261-products-1839.php?page_id=118

A while back I purchased enough sweat suit material to make both the pants and jacket from McCalls 4261.     I made the pants  years ago and the remaining material was recently rediscovered in the stash.  Since I am in “fabric-stash busting mode” this year, it was this fabric’s turn to get used up.

Unfortunately, after resizing the pieces I found that I did not have enough material to make long sleeves.   I solved that problem by cutting them shorter and adjusting the cuffs to fit my bicep.  I also couldn’t find a matching zipper so I used a neutral.  Problems galore, right?

The pattern instructions wanted me to leave the pocket edges and the shoulder piece edges raw and I didn’t want that look so I just top-stitched all the seams on the inside.  Everything else worked out well.  I just wished I cut down some of the seam at the cuff so it’s not so bulky on the inside.

As a bonus, I made the yoga bag.  I haven’t been to yoga in quite some time, but I’d love to take some classes again.  Now, I won’t have hand carry my mat anymore!



4 thoughts on “Hoodies!

  1. Cynthia says:

    The hoodie looks great on you! Love how you shortened the sleeves – what a creative “make do.” I have this pattern and will have to put on my sewing list.

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