Can I Make These in My Size?

I love little baby feet…and fat little baby knees…and their cute little hands, but the poopy diapers really kill it for me!

A friend of a friend just had a baby and I was asked if I could make a few pairs of baby booties for her brand new baby boy.  Of course!  I like making baby items, but so sad to see them born out of the size or grow out of things so soon.  Let’s just hope this time the little one can get some wear out of these Little Mister Loafers.  So cute I want a pair in MY size, but big feet aren’t as cute.


I also made a pair of the Boot Scoot’n Booties and again they are too adorable.  The yarn, Caron Simply Soft was a little difficult to crochet with as it splits so easily.  I’ve knitted with this yarn before with not too many problems.  It also fuzzes up fairly quickly after a lot of handling, but the yarn is nice and soft.


I’ve got a few more pairs of booties to make in larger sizes and then back to the sewing lab.  It’s past time to share some old finished projects!


Can I Make These in My Size?

One thought on “Can I Make These in My Size?

  1. Awwwwww!!! I love baby feet, fat knees, dribbly kisses and little goober hugs too. This project is going on my to-do list. The snookums in my family turned one today and I think I’m going to make these for him for Christmas.

    So cute!

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