BurdaStyle Love

I was getting a little bored at the tail end of my subscription to Burda Style magazine so I didn’t renew as of June 2012, but now that I’m looking back and I see all of these super cute outfits I want my subscription back!  In the meantime, I’m working from the stash almost exclusively on this one.  I chose a basic dark grey wool crêpe for this dress in the September 2009 issue.

BurdaStyle 9-2009-111
Image source: Russian Burdastyle Website

The pleats over the bust make me a little nervous even after making a muslin of the top.  The fabric is cut and the lining is attached.  Baby, I’m all in! However, I’m running into some problems.  There is the wonky fitting sleeve and then there is this:



I’d love to ask for help (regarding the sleeves) from all the lovely ladies that posted their finished creation to the russian site, but I don’t speak Russian. Those ladies have the garment fit to perfection while I am just aiming for finished.


BurdaStyle Love