Tools of the Trade: Tracing Materials

I really do admire all of you sewists who can cut straight into a pattern and immediately lay out your fabric to cut and sew.  Maybe the size for you is perfect or you know your body sizing like the back of your hand.  Before I get started I have tons of fitting to do and because I am working to get my fit spot on, I need to do that painstaking work of tracing patterns.  Also, anyone who has worked with patterns from Burdastyle magazine knows this task is completely unavoidable.

I’ve tried a variety of tracing materials and I’m so happy to have stumbled upon something that works the best for tracing Burdastyle patterns.  Do Sew (from Viking section of Joanns) didn’t work out so well.  It’s thin enough to see through, but my writing utensil gets caught on the rough fibers.  If I’m using pen or marker it bleeds right through.

I’ve used tissue tracing paper sold by Clotilde which is equivalent to the paper on the table in the doctor’s office.  It works well enough.

Pattern Ease from Joanns is not transparent enough for tracing.  This paper is thick and sturdy and I think it would work best for fitting some patterns.

Now, I’ve hit the jackpot!  This tissue paper is super transparent.  More so than the one sold at Clotilde.  Last year I got lucky and found this paper at a movie set sale.  $10 bucks for this huge roll!

I’ll be surprised if I ever see the end of this thing.


Tools of the Trade: Tracing Materials

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    1. Thanks for visiting! There is also Swedish tracing paper which isn’t as prone to ripping like tissue paper. I haven’t used it before, but when I see it used in photos it kind of looks like Pattern Ease. -Nizzy

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