Craft Book Catalog Complete

So I’ve finished cataloging all of my craft books, a task made much easier using a bar code scanner on my phone.  I love that I didn’t have to spend too much time doing it.  Of the knitting and crochet materials I have there were only three I couldn’t find in the ravelry database:

Stoles and Shrugs

Knit it! Felt it!

Mon Tricot Baby Knitting

What’s nice is that instead of opening a zillion magazines and books looking for something to knit I can do a search right in ravelry to see what’s available.  Check out the full list here and feel free to share a link yours!  What’s one of your favorites in your craft book library?



6 thoughts on “Craft Book Catalog Complete

  1. omg. incredible idea….maybe Im behind on the learning curve, but I would have never thought to do this with my phone……how do you get them from the phone scanner to ravelry??

    1. Unfortunately you still have to manually search for them in ravelry which can be a pain , but I chose to keep my full catalog using Spring pad instead of writing or typing up a list. That program has a barcode scanner built in. It was easier to run down the list on my phone instead of doing the ravelry search shuffling stacks and stacks of books. -Nizzy

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