Happy Februween!

Craft Book Challenge Month 2!

I have an interest in decorating, but it’s not always something that comes so easy. I often take the lazy way out: doing nothing.  Most times I just pull out the Christmas decorations.  But I’m tired of looking at empty corners, walls, and surfaces.  I want my place to look lived in, inviting, with a touch of something personal in each space.    I imagine indoor plants, pictures filling the walls, pieces of art strategically displayed on surfaces.  For the outdoors, dreams of a floral container garden with the fresh colors of  spring fill my head.  For now, I’m starting with placemats.   And not those headache-giving shaped ones either.  Instead of doing lazy this time, I did easy and created a few holiday themed placemats.

You really don’t need a pattern for simple placemats: two rectangles, sew some straight lines, and you’re done!  I took it  a quarter-step further and went with the look of the place mats in this book: four rectangles. 

Unfortunately, I will have to enjoy the Valentine’s Day mats next year and since it’s such a long stretch to Halloween, I picked up some patriotic fabric so that I could enjoy a set in the near future.  Inside I used Pellon 926 Extra-Firm instead of the Timtex called for in the instructions.

My best pal Fibbonaci even makes an appearance in this craft.   The placemat front pieces above are cut in a Fibbonaci sequence.  How cool!  A geek craft, home craft, and craft challenge completed all in one.


Happy Februween!