Cowl Crazy – Cozy Eastern Cowl

Yesterday morning I was looking around my craft room looking for something I could do a post about (and wear to keep me warm) and my hands landed on two cowls that I created over the summer. Cowls and scarves are becoming two of my favorite accessories.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Off White and Charcoal
Inspired by:
Stitch Pattern in Alice Starmore’s Charts for Color Knitting

Despite the pattern lines, this one gave me little grief, although I do wish the bottom and top edges were a little tighter.

Acrylic yarn usually isn’t very warm, but the stranding on the inside makes it quite comfy.

So I used something from my library and stash, but I can’t really count it for the 2013 challenge, because I made it in the Summer of 2012.

Yeah…and about that library. I’ve had the sudden urge to catalog the whole thing. An ugly task, I know, but sometimes I really need to know what resources I have.  I’ve used Ravelry to keep track of knitting and crochet resources, but that doesn’t include all the other crafty books, magazines, and patterns. Thankfully I can use s.pringpad’s barcode scanner to make easy work of most of it.  I would rather spend more time creating than organizing.


Cowl Crazy – Cozy Eastern Cowl

4 thoughts on “Cowl Crazy – Cozy Eastern Cowl

  1. Beautiful! Cowls are my favourite thing to make and that one’s beautiful.
    As for cataloging the book stash, I have some of them in there, but not all … I guess I should do that too huh? 😛

    1. Yes! Do it! Do it! Let’s see how many books we have in common. I’m still waiting for that Ravelry Android app for instant access so that I can easily see my library when I’m on the go. At this rate I’m going to have to learn how to create the daggone thing myself! -Nizzy

  2. P.S. It doesn’t help that I chose now also to pick my locs out … one by one! I’m nuts but I’m ready to rock my afro puff again. I don’t know how I’ll do this all in a short space of time. 😀

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