The Cure for Rough Hands

The Cure for Rough Hands

I treat my hands horribly. I wash them about fifty’leven times a day and forget to put on lotion. I wash dishes without gloves.  I remove polish from my nails and my hands get even more dry and cracked.  I forget to wear gloves out in the bitter cold.  I bite my nails when I’m nervous (slowly getting over that bad habit). I chip my nails and accidentally cut my fingers with knives.

I do them oh, so wrong!

Today I’m going to treat them nice with this sugar scrub: a lot of sugar, a little oil, a wee bit of coconut fragrance, a few more ingredients, and a vigorous scrubbing to slough away the rough skin.  Then I apply some lotion and dab on a little homemade cuticle oil to put the oils back.

Ahhh, nice!



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