Called Out! But, Challenge Accepted!

Enabler Alert! And just in time!

SOMEBODY (D’NALI ;-)) called me out to do the Craft Book Challenge.

Now, I was trying to slip under the radar and kind of work this thing unofficially and maybe not feel so bad if I, say, fell off the bandwagon a few more times to acquire a few more knitting and sewing patterns.  But, now that it’s out there…I gonna put it out ALL out there and step my game up.

I’m going to do this challenge.  Or at least try, really hard.  Again.  Unofficially, I had one slip this year so far.  Okay, two.   The goal is to cease all craft book purchases, including magazines, individual patterns, yarn, fabric, etc. in 2013 and work from within the stash.  What this means for me is that I will only allow myself to purchase reference books, stitchionaries, tools, and materials to get me through my current/planned projects.  That means no yarn, fabric, and/or patterns, to just sit and lie in wait for me to come up with some fabulous idea for them.

Well, you might as well lock me inside the house and hide away the computer!

No, really, it’s a good idea.  I’m supposed to make one object per month from a book/magazine I own and track my progress.  I can tell you already that I have three craft reference books on my wish list (1 knitting, 2 sewing) to get me through some of my crafty goals for 2013 so I have to figure out how to handle that when I get to it.

I am counting my Handsome Mittens for January’s entry.

Good God!  Wish me Luck!


Called Out! But, Challenge Accepted!

2 thoughts on “Called Out! But, Challenge Accepted!

    1. I’m not entirely sure I can! LOL Part of the motivation is definitely the space requirement. I’m just flat out of storage space for fabric, yarn, books, etc. unless I get rid of something or buy a storage unit. I’m not completely cutting myself off. As long as the project is planned and has something to do with the stash, I should be good to go.

      But that still doesn’t get me to completely rid myself of the urge to run out and buy more sewing patterns right now!

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