I’m in love…with lace!!

Lace yarn?…check. 
A knitting book on Lace?…check.  Finished/WIP lace project…errrr uhhh, nope.

I just realized I haven’t fully jumped in to the world of knitted lace. Lace looks like slow work.  Not that I really mind, but that’s probably the reason for my hesitation.  That and ripping out tiny mistakes in a fine gauge yarn seems daunting.  Despite knowing the limitations of my bookshelf, I managed to find yet another knitting book to drool over: Ancient Egypt in Lace and Color.


Exquisite lace designs and beautiful colors on the sample photos.  I want to wear each and every one of them. One more book on the wish list!


I’m in love…with lace!!

7 thoughts on “I’m in love…with lace!!

  1. compositions of wool says:

    This book is wonderful! And well worth the shelf space, even if just to look at from time to time. The author included snippets of Egyptian lore and mythology with each pattern so it’s definitely more than just a knitting book. And those gorgeous yarn colors…eye candy for sure. 🙂

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    What a wonderful looking book. I will certainly look for it. I have avoided lace for many years 🙂

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